Drama/Poetry lesson with Mrs C

Today we had an interesting lesson about poetry with Mrs Cairn. We were first reviewing different pieces of poetry that we will be writing for our regular handwriting lessons. A few of them had to do with our HSIE topic, the gold rush. The rest were mostly entertaining pieces. My favourite Poem was called Mulga Bill’s bicycle.

This was a very entertaining piece of writing about a boastful man called Mulga Bill who was apparently an “expert at bicycle riding.” Although this was only said before he had tried to ride a penny farthing bicycle and let’s just say it that when he tried this experience he had nothing to boast about anymore.

The drama section of our lesson then started. We all were able to perform our favourite stanza from one of the selected poems. All of the performances were very interesting and captivating. There were a few very expressive presentations and some were just downright hilarious. This was a very new experience and we definitely had a lot of fun.

These are a few examples of the performances:

Lost At Sea, By Emma

All I heard was the gentle swishing of the waves crashing onto the side of the lifeboat I was on. The other survivors looked frightened and anxious. I carefully observed the three of them. There was a girl about my age, a teenage boy and an anxious mother of six. She was sobbing about how two of her children were probably drowning, fighting for life. My mind whirled back to what had happened five days ago.

I had been on a cruise with many other passengers. From what I heard, I could tell that our ship had suddenly crashed into unseen rocks. There was shouting and crying outside my cabin. I had jumped onto a lifeboat that could only hold four people, and we sailed out to sea, getting further and further away from the pleas of help from passengers still on the sinking wreckage, until all I heard was sniffing from the girl, helpless silence from the teenager and the sobs of despair from the woman.

Over the last few days, we had experienced many dangers. A storm had brewed up and we were tossed around on the tiny lifeboat, clinging desperately onto the sides to avoid getting thrown off. Although we came out drenched and tired, we were all still alive – but barely. Now I was waiting for some miracle to happen, but I had almost lost hope. Everyone else had dull, expressionless faces and had probably given up hope. The sun came out shining merrily but I didn’t want to see the light of day ever again.

I didn’t remember falling asleep, but I woke up to the drone of an approaching ship’s engine. What? I struggled to sit up, and I saw the other survivors standing up, shouting, waving, with new hope shining in their faces. I joined them and soon, the ship changed direction and started to head towards us. We shrieked and cheered as we realised we were finally going to be rescued! I realised how different the other survivors looked when they were all happily smiling. The pretty girl smiled and laughed as if a burden had been lifted from her back. The teenage boy smiled silently to himself. The mother had joyful tears streaming down her face. The ship reached us and we all skipped aboard, in spite of the fact that we were wet and tired. Everything had turned out just fine.

Properties of Gases

Today with Mr Squires we did a science lesson. We all really enjoyed doing an exciting experiment. In previous weeks we learnt about liquids and solids. So this lesson was about gases. We discussed a bit about the properties of a gas. Some of these were; some are invisible, some you can smell, they move freely and gases fill the fully in-closed vessel it is kept in..

We started of the experiment by learning about what we were about to do. We were going to see whether a cup had air in it. Each group had two cups of water and two pieces of tissue paper. There was a few jugs of water on the art tables. We had to push the tissue into the cup so it stayed at the bottom and then first push it into the jug of water upside down making sure that the tissue stayed in the bottom of the cup. We then got the second cup and pushed the tissue in the same way. We then had to pushed the 2nd cup in to the jug the right way.

We all went to our desks to complete a worksheet about our predictions on what will happen. A couple groups at a time we went up to the art tables to actually complete the experiment. My group found that when pushing the cup into the water upside down, less water got soaked up by the tissue than when pushing it down with the opening on top. This was because gases like moving up, so when the cup was upside down it had no where to go because the tissue was there. This meant that the air took up the whole cup and water couldn’t enter. When the opening was a the top, the air escaped which let the water have room to enter. This meant that the tissue got soaked by the water.

Overall, everybody enjoyed this experiment and learning a lot about gases. We can’t wait to have more lessons on gases and ‘What’s the Matter?’

Matthew and Tom working together
Matthew and Tom working together
Matthew and Tom


Suspensful Story Starters!

Read these narrative openings by these clever writers. Do they grab your attention?

My friend was in pain because of me. (Dan E)

The large pink birthday cake slipped out of my wet hands just as mum came in. (Mercy)

“Help!” cried Melinda as her uncontrollable bike tumbled down the hill. (Caroline)

I was wet and damp as the rain poured down from the dark, stormy clouds in the moonless night. My bad luck was so bad that my whole life turned upside down. (Jonty)

Mille fell. She waited to feel the rocky, hard ground beneath her. (Roxy)

The zoo keepers were trying to find the only pink gorilla in the world. It was so cool that there was such a thing as a pink gorilla but not for me because the pink gorilla was in my house. (Charlie)

The New Cola On Top Court

Just this week, a new¬†COLA has been placed on the top court. This is an advantage for Stage 3 people for they can eat their lunch without getting sunburnt. And for the other people who haven’t brought their hats to school, they would be able to sit on top court instead of having to walk down the stairs to go to the old COLA. They started constructing this Monday and finished just today. Even though throughout the two days there was a lot of noise going on throughout the top court, it was worth it for building a new COLA. All thew money was from a fundraiser called ‘The Walkathon’.



Chinese New Year 2015

Its Chinese new year everybody! And apparently the city wants everybody to knowDSC_0282DSC_0289

From dazzling lanterns to terracotta warriors……. This Chinese New Year has it all !






(pictures taken by my dad)


And interestingly this is the lucky year for anybody out there who is 11(basically most of year 6) for this, is the year of the sheep.


(picture by: openclipart.org/detail/211942/chinese-new-year-green-sheep-by-dimalique-211942)


Drama on Mondays

Every Monday morning we do drama in the hall with Mrs P. First 6C do drama while 6S do spelling. We then swap. At drama, we start of doing some stretches, then we make a circle and do small activities. Most of these are about using our repertoire (a small box inside our head with all the movies and books we have ever seen or read) and expression. We then get in to groups of 5 and use a stimulus to create a play. We use a stimulus that is sometimes a poem, a scene which build upon or just anything we think of. We have a short time to practice with our group and then sit down and watch the other groups perform. After we perform, each group gets helpful tips and comments from the class. We then leave to have recess or go back to class. Everybody loves drama because we get to be ourselves and express our feelings.