Properties of Gases

Today with Mr Squires we did a science lesson. We all really enjoyed doing an exciting experiment. In previous weeks we learnt about liquids and solids. So this lesson was about gases. We discussed a bit about the properties of a gas. Some of these were; some are invisible, some you can smell, they move freely and gases fill the fully in-closed vessel it is kept in..

We started of the experiment by learning about what we were about to do. We were going to see whether a cup had air in it. Each group had two cups of water and two pieces of tissue paper. There was a few jugs of water on the art tables. We had to push the tissue into the cup so it stayed at the bottom and then first push it into the jug of water upside down making sure that the tissue stayed in the bottom of the cup. We then got the second cup and pushed the tissue in the same way. We then had to pushed the 2nd cup in to the jug the right way.

We all went to our desks to complete a worksheet about our predictions on what will happen. A couple groups at a time we went up to the art tables to actually complete the experiment. My group found that when pushing the cup into the water upside down, less water got soaked up by the tissue than when pushing it down with the opening on top. This was because gases like moving up, so when the cup was upside down it had no where to go because the tissue was there. This meant that the air took up the whole cup and water couldn’t enter. When the opening was a the top, the air escaped which let the water have room to enter. This meant that the tissue got soaked by the water.

Overall, everybody enjoyed this experiment and learning a lot about gases. We can’t wait to have more lessons on gases and ‘What’s the Matter?’

Matthew and Tom working together
Matthew and Tom working together
Matthew and Tom


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