Suspensful Story Starters!

Read these narrative openings by these clever writers. Do they grab your attention?

My friend was in pain because of me. (Dan E)

The large pink birthday cake slipped out of my wet hands just as mum came in. (Mercy)

“Help!” cried Melinda as her uncontrollable bike tumbled down the hill. (Caroline)

I was wet and damp as the rain poured down from the dark, stormy clouds in the moonless night. My bad luck was so bad that my whole life turned upside down. (Jonty)

Mille fell. She waited to feel the rocky, hard ground beneath her. (Roxy)

The zoo keepers were trying to find the only pink gorilla in the world. It was so cool that there was such a thing as a pink gorilla but not for me because the pink gorilla was in my house. (Charlie)

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