Cross Country

Today was the cross country. Years 2, 3 and 4 ran 2 kilometres. Years 5 and 6 ran 3 kilometres. Everyone was separated into groups of girls and boys to compete against each other. Students wore different coloured clothes to show support for their sport house. Although it was very tiring, all of Year 6 found the energy and endurance they needed to finish the race. For our year group, Sarah came first, Rowan came second and Anna came third. Congratulations to these fast runners and well done to everyone who did the cross country.

Rose’s Diary Entry-By Erin

22nd April, 1855-Grandmama’s Birthday

Dear Diary,

Life in the goldfields is rotten! Work, work,work is all we do now. Ma and Papa and Tony are working from 6 o’clock in the morning until 7 at night, but today we will stop work and celebrate Grandmama’s birthday! Damper and mutton tastes horribly poor now, as we eat it nearly every day, but today we will have mutton with onions and gravy!

School is fine but poor Xing Chang has moved back to China with her family, unsuccessful in the goldfields. A drought has started to come now and water is scarce so we have stockpiled our food and water, hoping for the best.

My family are still unsuccessful in The Gold Rush, but I’m sure we will find our fortunes. When we do, we will go back to Canada and see Grandmama Gail and Aunty Sally again but for now we are prisoners in the goldfields…

Life on the goldfields as a child – Josie

To dear my beloved Grandmama,

Life has been such a struggle lately, I’m only 12 years old and I feel as stressed as a middle aged woman. Mama and Papa have been making me dig and cradle all day long, it’s the only way we can afford to survive here. Mama sad that once we had scraped up enough money to be able to come to the goldfields, we would spend no more then two weeks there and come back home with enough gold to be millionaires. It has now been a month and all we have found is a speck of gold, which is barely enough to buy a nice necklace Grandmama! I have gotten barely enough sleep the entire time we’ve been here, thats understandable through considering I sleep on a dirty old rag and all i can ever hear is the crashing and banging of miners furiously searching for gold. I’m not sure how much more of this I can take Grandmama, I have cried everyday we have been here when Mama and Papa aren’t around. I miss everyone at home so much and I feel like you’re the only person I can express my feelings to, I don’t want Mama and Papa to find out how i really feel because I know that will only make them feel terrible. I know that my parents are trying hard to make me happy but all I want is to be back at home in our small cottage, I don’t care if we’re rich or not I just want my old life back. I miss and love you so unbelievably much Grandmama and I really hope that Mama and Papa will decide to come back home soon because all I want to do is see you in person and give you a great big hug.

Lots of love, your favourite granddaughter Clarice xxx


Bullying has been a very big issue for quite some time now. It involves one person/a group of people that targets an innocent person. Last Friday was the National Day of Action Against Bullying and many schools got involved and discussed how to stop a bully. EHPS was on of those schools and everybody was to make a poster, rap or some sort of visual representation to do with anti-bullying.

Here is an example of one of the rap-songs by Matt and Charlie:

Bully Rap from y5ehps on Vimeo.

Harmony Day

On Thursday, it was Harmony Day. There were many performances including a Bollywood dance, Chinese show, African drums and Aboriginal music. The one I liked best was a Brazilian music one and that’s what this is about.

We went on to the top court and there were two Brazilian men. They started of talking about 2 instruments. They were called the pandeiro and the other was called the berimbau. They played some music using these instruments, we found this very entertaining. Next, they taught us a song. We learnt the worlds and sang while the men played their instruments. We had a lot of fun doing this. After this, the y finished of this show doing some tricks. They did cart-wheels, flips, kicks and handstands. We were all entertained and overall it was a enjoyable show and we learnt a lot about Brazilian music.


Bollywood Dances

This year for Harmony Day our school invited a amazing duo of bollywood dancers called Bollywood Infusion. These amazind dancers Naddaly and Catherin presented a beautiful piece waring traditional bollywood dancing outfits.bollywood dancing bollywood

Towards the end of the preformance Naddaly & Catherin invited every one to take part in some small dances. It was so much fun and every one enjoyed it.


Monique’s 100 Word Challenge

Keegan and I silently crept up the stair from the secret room we had been settling in. When we finally reached the top I couldn’t believe what I saw. The city that had once been vivid and alive was ruined and destroyed. There was debris in the air, making it hard to breath. With fear building up inside me, my hand slowly made its way into Keegan’s. We walked up the isolated street. We cautiously rounded the narrow corner. As we came around, we found ourselves face to face with a creature so horrifying, making it impossible to contain my fear.