Korean Exchange Student Visit

We woke up early in the morning, excited and happy for the day ahead of us. Epping Heights were hosting 9 Korean exchange students,they would stay at our house for about 10 days.It has been a fun adventure learning about another language and culture.

Having an exchange student made me really want to learn more about Korea and their different cultures. I learnt more about different types of kimchi, popular sports like dodgeball and and found similarities & differences between the Australian school system and the Korean school system.

On Friday we had a fun excursion with our exchange students to Sydney Wild Life Park and Sydney Sea Life Aquarium. I thought that the trip was splendid and we all had lots of fun, like touching a harmless python, adorable sugar glide possums, interesting stick insects, quokkas, baby koalas and heaps more!

I’m so glad that here at Epping Heights we have great opportunities like this and wonderful adventures! I had a great time showing my Korean student around Australia- I hope all the other homestay families enjoyed the new cultural company!


Photos by Hugo’s Mum.

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