Literacy Groups-Writing

As part of our literacy groups we have been writing suspenceful first lines for an orientation. Here is the work of some of our clever students:

By Annika:

As the teenage girl meandered through the forest she heard foosteps and then a hand touched her shoulder.

The blaring sounds of the ambulance peirced my ears and the sounds of screams filled my head.

By Beth:

I fell asleep to the sounds to the creaks and groans of the house. I knew them all, every noise, every whisper, or so I thought.

She looked up at me and cocked her head left and then right. She sniffed up and then down and finally she built up the courage to wqalk into her new life leaving everything she knew and loved behind.

By Neda:

The poor, mysterious thief crept quietly, with his heart pounding loudlyas he slowly reached out for the largest emerald in the world.

The taxi driver gasped and screamed. I looked out of the window half hesitand, half scared and I screamed too, bracing myself for the crash.

Congragulations to all these wonderful authors, they all did a fantastic job!

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