Exploring Convection

Today in science lesson, we explored convection in liquids and gases. Convection is when hot substances rise and cold substances fall/sink to the bottom. To explore this topic we did a few different experiments using food colouring,tea bags,ice,water and matches.

For our first experiment we used an empty tea bag and stood it upright and we then lit it with a match. The result to this was very interesting, as the flame burned the tea bag to the bottom and then the ashes of it floated in the air. This was an example of convection because once the tea bag heated up, it rose and the cool air then fell/sunk.

Our next experiment included using a container of warm water with red food colouring (to symbolise hot) and ice cubes which had blue food colouring (to symbolise cold). We then added the ice cubes to the water and the heat of the water caused the cold iece cubes colouring to sink/fall. This experiment demomstrated convection because once the cold substance was added it almost immediatly sunk and the hot subtance rose.

This science lesson was very entertaining and enjoyable for all of us and we can’t wait for the next one!

By Josie and Beth

Photos taken by Anna

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