Paper Planes Review

Out of 10, I would probably rate the movie Paper Planes a: 9.5. What a wonderful encouragement to start the year, an Australia film filled with friendship, hope and dreams!

Paper Planes has an enchanting cast with some well known actors and actresses like Ed Oxenbould- main character (starred as the main character of Alexander and the terrible, no good, very bad day), Deborah Mailmen -(starred in The Sapphires and the show Offspring) & Sam Worthington – Dad (starred as the main character in Avatar), plus many more!

I think it was a really authentic experience, sharing the ‘outback’ lifestyle with the world. The films revolves around a boy called Dylan, who has a dream, to fly a paper airplane. Well not at first. A month before all his success, sadly an accident occurred to Dylan’s mum, leaving his dad dreading each day as the weeks passed with her absence.

Dylan, though, led his own life and gained independence throughout his journey, like standing up for the good, fighting the bad and caring about others before himself.

Overall, Paper planes was and still is, an inspiring story about friendship and dreams, includes a fantastic cast role and a delicious story line. Hopefully you can enjoy the experience to!

By Karishma

2 thoughts on “Paper Planes Review

  1. Wow great job Karishma! You made it sound so captivating and enjoyable and I’m sure that many people will now want to see it after reading this! 😀

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