Some Poetry

My Cat
Our crazy cat jumps at a mouse
Causing chaos at our house.

Our calm cat cleans itself
Even more than myself!

Our caring cat is cosy
And is very nosy.

Our complex cat is clever
But not anymore when we’re together.

Our cute cat just huddled
I can’t stand it! I’m giving it a cuddle!

Super Spring starts the year
Shimmering, Glistening, Thundering rain
But warmth comess out, once again.

Sizzling Summer continues the year
Burning, Blinding, Sweltering sun
So let’s have some fun!

Awesome Autumn is back again
Crunching, Sliding, Tumbling leaves
Perfect for us, but not for the trees!

Wonderful Winter ends the year
Freezing, Falling, Beautiful snow
As coldness flows.


4 Seasons - tree-lined drive

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