New 2020 Flags Of Year 6 Australia!

Recently we had to do a project on pretending to make the 2020 vision of the Australian flag. Some people made paper flags, minecraft flags, fabric flags, even cake flags and many more! We had some time to do it in the RFF session with Mr Phelps and all of the ideas were creative and unique. Some of the students got inspiration from others whilst others having their own ideas. We all had to follow a long process involving creative thinking strategies.

We had to involve the view from Aboriginal people, migrants and make sure our ideas didn’t offend anyone. First we had to think of all the endless ideas and choose the best one. Next we had to perfect it and put our finishing touches. Then we display it on either cake, fabric, paper or with technology and show it to the class. Everybody did a great job on their project and the purpose of the project was to use more of our thinking so we can get creative ideas.





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