Harmony Day- Costumes

Bright cloth, dazzling sequins and unique hat wear filled the playground. Why, you may ask? Saturday 21 of March is the official Harmony Day, but our school celebrated multiculturalism on Thursday. We all came together and learnt about many cultures from around the world. I love harmony, and its not just because I’m able to stuff my face with dumplings, sushi and vegemite sandwiches. I love observing different dress and clothing. Every traditional clothing is unique and very different. China have their beautiful silk gown, Vietnamese have the impeccable straw hat, Korean have their lovely hanbok,  India have their fancy saris and silk pants , Scotland have their embroided kilts, the list could go on and on!

We can all learn information about different cultures and countries just by looking at other peoples clothing. Vietnam have their fantastic straw hats because they work in paddy fields to collect grains of rice and herd cattle. Since the hot sun would belt down everyday, the round cones protect their skin from getting sunburnt. I love Harmony Day and I just love the fact that we can walk together as equals and experience different cultures! I hope you can all have the same experience!

1:Korean Hanbok, Indian Sari, Afghanistan Clothing. 2: Japanese traditional clothing. 3: Afghanistan Dress. 4: Indian outfit. 5: Our beloved Australian cricket uniform.

Pictures by Charlotte, Brian and Mr S

By Karishma


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