Gold License

At school we have HOTS activities to do during literacy groups. These are activities that need research and imagination. We had to complete 10 of them. Mrs Cairn set us an assignment to complete 3 of these at home and the other 7 at school. I chose to make a gold digging license.

I started of creating the license on PowerPoint and this took a long time because I had to do research on the internet of what they look like. I used my own ideas and included what I had seen. I then printed this out and let the ink dry. The next morning, when Mum had tea, we saved the teabag. We squeezed all the tea out of the bag into a bowl. We got a brush and did a light coat of the tea over the gold license. We let that dry for a day. The next day MumĀ got a match stick and lit it. She burnt the paper on the sides to make it look like it was old and burnt a bit. It looked really cool. I gave it to Mrs Cairn and both teachers said it looked really good. I really liked making the gold license.Gold License - HOTS Part A NO.10

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