The Spaghetti Challenge

When it was the end of the first school term in our school, we celebrated the end of the first term by dressing in mufti (theme: summer splash) and also participating in other minor activities. But in Year 6, we had ‘The Spaghetti Challenge’ after lunch and all you have to do is build the tallest tower out of hard spaghetti. Your tower’s judged from it’s base and the tallest tower wins. There was no prize except for the prize of boasting to everyone of your tall spaghetti tower.

Year 6 had to use masking tape and the hard spaghetti only. The Spaghetti Challenge was very ‘challenging’ but everybody had fun competing against one another showing off their ideas of their spaghetti tower. Luckily no one took it too seriously in the end so there was no argument or fights. We had a great end to the first term.





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