Debating Workshop

In the first week back from our Easter Holidays, what better way to start it, than a fun debating workshop to help all of us improve our skills. General knowledge is a great skill to have in persuasive writing, so that was exactly where we started. Our host, an ex-student of our school, who happened to be a pro debater, posed trivial questions based on different events that occurred or are occurring around the world. It was a fun way to start the workshop, having all of us scream answers and learn in an exciting way.

Next we did a more persuasive exercise, which we called the hot-air balloon. This activity was designed to trigger more ideas and arguments on the spot. We had to pretend that we were all in a plane, that was going to crash. The aim of this game was to pretend to be a character from the past or present (eg. Shakespeare and Taylor Swift), and convince everyone else that they should have the last hot air balloon. The winner was the person who achieved in convincing everyone and survived the crash.

At the end we designed our own argument and model ideas in teams. But even if debating isn’t your thing, it helped our confidence in public speaking and improvisation skills, all in the one workshop!


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