Vivid 2015 Sydney

May 22 to June 18 is the Vivid light show in the city. My family and I went and it was amazing! There were lights everywhere! The buildings had lights going on and off, there was a water- laser show with loads of lights shining through water with fireworks and firecrackers exploding, it looks amazing with all the colours. With the art that we’re doing, I strongly suggest visiting it.









Year 6 EHPS vs ENPS-Debate

debate 2
ENPS with their speeches
Karishma’s Specch
debate 4
Beth’s Speech
The Debaters
Sameer, Calvin, Josie K, Karishma and Beth
debate 3
Josie K’s Speech

Today our debaters Sameer, Calvin , Josie K , Karishma and Beth did a debate with Epping North Public. Their topic was that homework should be banned for primary students. Team EHPS was the Affirmative team and Team ENPS was the Negative team. It was a pretty close debate but EHPS won the debate. Good work Debaters!

Sydney’s Writers Festival

Today was the last day for the SWF (Sydney’s Writers Festival). I met Andy Griffiths, Oliver Phommavanh and Anna and Barbara Fienberg ( the authors of Tashi believe it or not, their mother and daughter).
I think its great to give children a chance to meet their favourite author, although most children’s authors aren’t Australian (Pamela Allen and Dr Seuss). I couldn’t upload Andy Griffiths for some reason. I got Oliver’s autograph though!


Photos by my dad

HSIE-Ancient Egypt with Miss Bent

Today Miss Bent showed us the Pyramids of Giza and how they could have formed a long time ago.

We discussed many questions:

Did they use a frame when they were building?

How did they transport the blocks of stone over the Nile?

Where did they get the stone?

These questions will remain a mystery.


Volcano Eruption

Today we did an experiment to see how magma builds pressure in a volcano.We each got into teams of three people and drew up a table in our book and collected the equipment for our experiment.

First, we pour a bit of water into the canister.

Then, Break the tablet in half and put it in the canister and immediately put the lid on. At the same time, press ‘start’ on the stopwatch. After a while, POP!! the lid ‘exploded’.




Happy Homes Art

The art form Happy Homes is the designing of a building that is likely to make you happy every time you see it. The person who invented this unique kind of architecture design was James Rizzo and the Happy Homes buildings are located in Brunswick, Germany.

Year 6 decided to make their own designs of happy architecture on paper and what made us inspired to do this was when one of the teachers showed us an image of the Happy Homes buildings in Brunswick, Germany, the other teacher asked Year 6 to guess where it was located. Then we started to learn more about the buildings and also last year’s Year 6 did this as well.

Many unique designs were drawn and they included happy objects and stuff like cute animals, hilarious cartoon faces, cool symbols and patterns, etc. Every one of the designs were colourful and had different shapes and sizes.


For an assignment, Year 6 had to do an explanation on how volcanoes work. We had done a few explanations in class so everybody knew how to write them. I researched for a couple of days on volcanoes but only for a day as we had learnt a lot about them at school. I decided to complete my explanation in a different way, I used a website called Prezi which makes presentations more interesting. This the link to my Prezi!! Hope you enjoy it.

Mummifying an apple slice

Yesterday in our HSIE lesson (ancient Egypt) we got to mummify an apple slice. We were put into  groups of six , and  were given 5 plastic zip lock bags and 5 apple slices. We weighed each apple slice and placed each apple slice into a zip lock bag.  In our first bag(zip lock)we put in 6 table spoons of Empson salt. In our second bag we put in 6 table spoons of home brand salt. We then placed 6 table spoons of Naltron salt into our third bag. Then in our fourth bag we put in 6  table spoons of bicarb salt, naltron, home brand and empson salt. finally for our firth bag which had nothing in it except a apple slice. Now we had 5 bags each with a apple slice and different type of salt. If you are wondering why we put in different salts in each bag its because in ancient Egyptian times they used a certain type of salt to mummify so we are trying to see which salt works the best to mummify the apple slice. So now we have 5 bags with different salts and apple slices and now we have to wait 7 days till we look at them again.
(Fun fact: in real mummification after you have covered the body In salt you need to wait 40 days!!!!)