Fraction Basketball and Word Problems

Today we did four maths activities and rotated around. One of the activities was fraction basketball. We were sorted into groups of 3. One of us had three attempts to throw the paper balls into the bin, another, six, and the last, nine. We tallied the number of successful throws we had out of the number of attempts we were given and recorded them. After, we solved some problems relating to the fractions we ended up with. In the end, we had some people from different groups throw paper balls into the bin and as a class, figured out the fractions so they all had the lowest common multiple (LCM).

In another activity, we did word problems. There were four questions to solve. We had to show two different ways to solve each of the problems. Some of the ways I used to solve the problems was drawing a diagram and writing it out in number sentences. The questions were to do with fractions. Overall, it was a very fun maths lesson teaching us about fractions and improving our skills.


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