Mummifying an apple slice

Yesterday in our HSIE lesson (ancient Egypt) we got to mummify an apple slice. We were put into  groups of six , and  were given 5 plastic zip lock bags and 5 apple slices. We weighed each apple slice and placed each apple slice into a zip lock bag.  In our first bag(zip lock)we put in 6 table spoons of Empson salt. In our second bag we put in 6 table spoons of home brand salt. We then placed 6 table spoons of Naltron salt into our third bag. Then in our fourth bag we put in 6  table spoons of bicarb salt, naltron, home brand and empson salt. finally for our firth bag which had nothing in it except a apple slice. Now we had 5 bags each with a apple slice and different type of salt. If you are wondering why we put in different salts in each bag its because in ancient Egyptian times they used a certain type of salt to mummify so we are trying to see which salt works the best to mummify the apple slice. So now we have 5 bags with different salts and apple slices and now we have to wait 7 days till we look at them again.
(Fun fact: in real mummification after you have covered the body In salt you need to wait 40 days!!!!)





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