Four 4s Challenge and Clock Challenge

Today we did 2 challenges, the four 4s challenge and the Clock Challenge.
In the four 4s challenge, you have to make numbers from 1-32, using only four 4s. Everyone got into groups and put their brain to the test!! My group finished first but I think we exaggerated when celebrating!
In the clock challenge, we had to make every number on a clock, using only three 9s. We also finished but some people beat us.

Ancient Egypt Sistrum – Julia

The sistrum was an instrument used in Ancient Egypt called shesheset Egyptians and was a favored instrument in many religious ceremonies. It was used when you wanted to talk to the God Hathor. The sistrum’s basic shape resembled the ankh which was the symbol of life.
To play the sistrum have to shake it will jingle like a bell. You also say special words before you say your personal words. The sistrum is made out of wood, metal or ceramic and it has a handle a Y shape. This instrument is usually used by an Egyptian priestess for talking to the Gods and telling people what their fortune is. The sistrum makes a soft jangling sound which is like the wind blowing through papyrus reeds. It was this sound that was supposed to sound like the gods and goddesses. It makes these sounds because it has metal pieces along the middle with small metal pieces which jingle when you shake them.

Band Camp

band camp photo 1

On the weekend, all the students from Training, Intermediate and Concert Bands gathered together at a Baden-Powell Scout Centre to have Band Camp! Everyone was very excited to come and play some music, and we all came to the hall. Everyone took turns playing their instruments with Mr D, Mr V and our instrument tutors. This lasted the whole day, with breaks for meals. In the afternoon, everyone was waiting to go to their scout activity. Year 6 went on the flying fox. After that, we had dinner then went to the campfire, where we sang songs, cooked damper and had hot chocolate! At the end of the day, everyone was very tired so we headed back to our cabins to sleep.

In the morning, we had breakfast and were ready and fresh for a whole day of music! Everyone rehearsed and rehearsed until we were all ready for the concert. In the afternoon, the afternoon concert was a success, with everyone playing their instruments as proudly and loudly as they could! Overall, everyone had a lot of fun, and they all enjoyed themselves.

band camp photo 2