Poetry About Endangered Animals

The Loggerhead Turtle swims about,
Happily around, without a doubt.
But now they’re running,
Because their pray are cunning.

On the jungle ground,
Jaguars run around.
Only until they come,
Then their life is done.

The Monarch Butterfly flies around,
Wings flapping without a sound.
But when an animal squashes it,
The innocent butterfly is lit.

A south China Tiger prowls on the land,
Couples together, hand in hand.
But when they’re separated,
They’re hearts are confiscated.

These poems were inspired from the Zoo mobile competition, you have to write a creative story about your favourite endangered animal. Then, send it to the email address on this website. http://www.abc.net.au/local/stories/2015/07/08/4269615.htm?site=sydney&section=competitions

Professor Maths

Today, 3-6 got visited by Professor Maths, the mathematician who is also a mad scientist. He set up lots of challenges around the hall and we all went around completing them. If you completed a Super Challenge, you can wear a vest, then add on 3D glasses and finally a wig of crazy hair. We had a blast working in groups of 4 and completing puzzles that made maths fun for once!!


Nicholoson Museum and IMAX Theatre

Last Tuesday, Year 6 went on a excursion to the Nicholoson Museum and the IMAX theatre.

First, we went on a bus that took us to the museum and studied amazing artifacts and learnt about the ancient history of Egypt, following last term’s HSIE topic. We saw many objects ranging from mummies to a gigantic Lego city. After that, we even got to touch and explore ancient artifacts up close. A few artifacts we got to hold and study included bowls, canopic jars and scarab beetles. It was amazing to know that these objects had survived long enough for us to see.

After the trip to the museum, the bus took us to the IMAX theatre in Darling Harbour, where we watched a fascinating 3D documentary teaching us about mummification in Ancient Egypt. It greatly expanded our knowledge on Egypt.

It was a great day and Year 6 enjoyed the excursion very much.







Year 6 Excursion to the IMAX

On July the 28th, Year 6 went to the IMAX to watch a 3D documentary about Ancient Egypt. It explained the mummification process and the history behind it, the Valley of the Kings, and Abu Simbel. I taught us slot as we were learning Ancient Egypt as the topic for HSIE. The documentary was just under one hour, with gave us a chance to relax, rest our sore feet and catch up with friends.


Our Finches!!

About two and a half weeks ago, Year 6 got four finches, for our class to take care of. We have two male finches and two female ones. You can differentiate them by looking at the ones with more feathers on its tail, more colour on its chest and when their cheeks are more brighter – male – and then the ones with less colour and feathers, are the female.

We have a large birdcage – that can fit eight birds – which the finches fly around in, squawking and playing with each other.

The food they mainly eat is nuts and grains (bird-seeds), which can get pretty messy at times.

We have been trying to choose some names for them, and their babies! We have got some ideas on some names for them, including:

  • Music
  • Nuts & Grains
  • Galapagos Islands
  • Indigenous Australians

We are voting which ones we like the most, and hopefully in a week or so we will have nice names for them!


-Wikipedia Image of Zebra Finch (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zebra_finch)