John Cairndyer-Squireton cup Round 4

Today we Played the 4th round of our tournament. Here are some scores to keep you up to date. Our first match was the Cheetahs Vs Crimson Tide in soccer. In the end the score was a 2-2 draw. Best and fairest went to Kaito and Sameer. Next we have the Swans Vs Thunder in newcombe ball. Thunder beat them after winning 21-10 twice. Best and fairest went to Monique and Jake. After that we had the Wanderers Vs the Indestructables in Tag Footy. The end score was 5-2 to the Wanderers, 4/5 tries scored by Charlie for the Wanderers. Best and fairest goes to Charlie and Hana. In our last game we had the Bears Vs the Infernos in T-ball. After a long, long game the infernos won 32-11.Best and fairest to Denny. Now the scoreboard. The Wanderers are leading the way in 1st place. Crimson Tide have moved down a place and are now in 3rd. Thunder have moved up a place and are now in 5th. Lastly the Bears are coming in last place.

Thats this weeks John Cairndyer-Squireton Cup.

Thanks 🙂

Year 6 Tennis match

Today on wednesday our school played Epping west in tennis. Hugo and Matthew won their doubles 6-1. Beth and Emma lost their doubles 6-4. Matthew lost his singles 6-2 and Hugo won his singles 6-1. Beth won her singles 6-0. Emma lost her singles 6-0. Matthew and Emma lost their singles 6-1 and Hugo and Beth won their doubles 6-0. In the end the overall game score was 31-26 to Epping Heights. So we are through to the next round!

Thanks. 🙂

John Cairndyer-Squireston Cup Round 3

Today year 6 played 2 different sports, teeball and tag footy. In teeball the Wanderers and Crimson Tide played each other. After running, hitting and catching for more than an hour the score was all tied up with 21-21 runs each.

In tag footy, the Thunder and the Bears played each other and in the end thunder won 5-3. Hugo scoring 4/5 tries for Thunder and Jayden scoring 2/3 tries for bears.

The end score for this week, the year 5 team “The Indestructibles” are coming 1st and second is Crimson Tide. 3rd place is the Wanderers, then Thunder is in 6th place and Bears are 7th. Best and fairest awards went to Hugo and Jacob. Thats this weeks John Cairndyer-Squireston Cup wrap.