Poetry About Endangered Animals

The Loggerhead Turtle swims about,
Happily around, without a doubt.
But now they’re running,
Because their pray are cunning.

On the jungle ground,
Jaguars run around.
Only until they come,
Then their life is done.

The Monarch Butterfly flies around,
Wings flapping without a sound.
But when an animal squashes it,
The innocent butterfly is lit.

A south China Tiger prowls on the land,
Couples together, hand in hand.
But when they’re separated,
They’re hearts are confiscated.

These poems were inspired from the Zoo mobile competition, you have to write a creative story about your favourite endangered animal. Then, send it to the email address on this website. http://www.abc.net.au/local/stories/2015/07/08/4269615.htm?site=sydney&section=competitions

Professor Maths

Today, 3-6 got visited by Professor Maths, the mathematician who is also a mad scientist. He set up lots of challenges around the hall and we all went around completing them. If you completed a Super Challenge, you can wear a vest, then add on 3D glasses and finally a wig of crazy hair. We had a blast working in groups of 4 and completing puzzles that made maths fun for once!!


Year 6 Excursion to the IMAX

On July the 28th, Year 6 went to the IMAX to watch a 3D documentary about Ancient Egypt. It explained the mummification process and the history behind it, the Valley of the Kings, and Abu Simbel. I taught us slot as we were learning Ancient Egypt as the topic for HSIE. The documentary was just under one hour, with gave us a chance to relax, rest our sore feet and catch up with friends.


Four 4s Challenge and Clock Challenge

Today we did 2 challenges, the four 4s challenge and the Clock Challenge.
In the four 4s challenge, you have to make numbers from 1-32, using only four 4s. Everyone got into groups and put their brain to the test!! My group finished first but I think we exaggerated when celebrating!
In the clock challenge, we had to make every number on a clock, using only three 9s. We also finished but some people beat us.

Ancient Egypt Sistrum – Julia

The sistrum was an instrument used in Ancient Egypt called shesheset Egyptians and was a favored instrument in many religious ceremonies. It was used when you wanted to talk to the God Hathor. The sistrum’s basic shape resembled the ankh which was the symbol of life.
To play the sistrum have to shake it will jingle like a bell. You also say special words before you say your personal words. The sistrum is made out of wood, metal or ceramic and it has a handle that.is a Y shape. This instrument is usually used by an Egyptian priestess for talking to the Gods and telling people what their fortune is. The sistrum makes a soft jangling sound which is like the wind blowing through papyrus reeds. It was this sound that was supposed to sound like the gods and goddesses. It makes these sounds because it has metal pieces along the middle with small metal pieces which jingle when you shake them.

Vivid 2015 Sydney

May 22 to June 18 is the Vivid light show in the city. My family and I went and it was amazing! There were lights everywhere! The buildings had lights going on and off, there was a water- laser show with loads of lights shining through water with fireworks and firecrackers exploding, it looks amazing with all the colours. With the art that we’re doing, I strongly suggest visiting it.









Sydney’s Writers Festival

Today was the last day for the SWF (Sydney’s Writers Festival). I met Andy Griffiths, Oliver Phommavanh and Anna and Barbara Fienberg ( the authors of Tashi believe it or not, their mother and daughter).
I think its great to give children a chance to meet their favourite author, although most children’s authors aren’t Australian (Pamela Allen and Dr Seuss). I couldn’t upload Andy Griffiths for some reason. I got Oliver’s autograph though!


Photos by my dad

Volcano Eruption

Today we did an experiment to see how magma builds pressure in a volcano.We each got into teams of three people and drew up a table in our book and collected the equipment for our experiment.

First, we pour a bit of water into the canister.

Then, Break the tablet in half and put it in the canister and immediately put the lid on. At the same time, press ‘start’ on the stopwatch. After a while, POP!! the lid ‘exploded’.