Fraction Popcorn and Fraction Clothes Washing

Today, year six played Fraction Popcorn and Fraction clothes washing. Fraction Popcorn is a fun and enjoyable activity that involves crumpled pieces of paper (the ‘popcorn’), yellow slips of paper (the ‘butter’), a maths book and a pencil. The pieces of paper had different fractions on them, for example, 4/20. The pieces of yellow paper that resembled butter had maths signs on them. For example, the equals sign. The way the game worked was that we needed to pull two white pieces of paper and one yellow slip of paper. Putting the yellow pieces of paper between the white, the maths sign in between the fractions, we compared the two fractions and decided whether it was true or not.

Another activity that year six did was called fraction clothes washing. The rules of faction clothes washing were much more simple. Year six recieved about 6 fraction printed on paper clothes and a wool clothes line We had to organise the fractions in order from smallest to largest and peg the paper clothes on to them, just like we would do in real life. We had to compare the different fractions in order to do this, making the denoninators the same by finding the lowest common multiple, then comparing the numerators. Overal it was a great lesson and a good way of learning more about fractions.




Last term, Year 6 did a type of art called zentangles. Unlike most types of art, zentangles are not bright or colourful. They are black and white, the only pen used is a black marker. A zentangle consits of about 20 squares of patterns and designs. Each one must be different. Because the zentangles are black and white, we glued them on pieces of black cardboard which bought out the colour of the black marker on the white paper. Because the designs and patterns were drawn onto the paper in such a creative way, they look great hanging from our classroom wall. Here are some examples……