Nicholoson Museum and IMAX Theatre

Last Tuesday, Year 6 went on a excursion to the Nicholoson Museum and the IMAX theatre.

First, we went on a bus that took us to the museum and studied amazing artifacts and learnt about the ancient history of Egypt, following last term’s HSIE topic. We saw many objects ranging from mummies to a gigantic Lego city. After that, we even got to touch and explore ancient artifacts up close. A few artifacts we got to hold and study included bowls, canopic jars and scarab beetles. It was amazing to know that these objects had survived long enough for us to see.

After the trip to the museum, the bus took us to the IMAX theatre in Darling Harbour, where we watched a fascinating 3D documentary teaching us about mummification in Ancient Egypt. It greatly expanded our knowledge on Egypt.

It was a great day and Year 6 enjoyed the excursion very much.







Band Camp

band camp photo 1

On the weekend, all the students from Training, Intermediate and Concert Bands gathered together at a Baden-Powell Scout Centre to have Band Camp! Everyone was very excited to come and play some music, and we all came to the hall. Everyone took turns playing their instruments with Mr D, Mr V and our instrument tutors. This lasted the whole day, with breaks for meals. In the afternoon, everyone was waiting to go to their scout activity. Year 6 went on the flying fox. After that, we had dinner then went to the campfire, where we sang songs, cooked damper and had hot chocolate! At the end of the day, everyone was very tired so we headed back to our cabins to sleep.

In the morning, we had breakfast and were ready and fresh for a whole day of music! Everyone rehearsed and rehearsed until we were all ready for the concert. In the afternoon, the afternoon concert was a success, with everyone playing their instruments as proudly and loudly as they could! Overall, everyone had a lot of fun, and they all enjoyed themselves.

band camp photo 2

Fraction Basketball and Word Problems

Today we did four maths activities and rotated around. One of the activities was fraction basketball. We were sorted into groups of 3. One of us had three attempts to throw the paper balls into the bin, another, six, and the last, nine. We tallied the number of successful throws we had out of the number of attempts we were given and recorded them. After, we solved some problems relating to the fractions we ended up with. In the end, we had some people from different groups throw paper balls into the bin and as a class, figured out the fractions so they all had the lowest common multiple (LCM).

In another activity, we did word problems. There were four questions to solve. We had to show two different ways to solve each of the problems. Some of the ways I used to solve the problems was drawing a diagram and writing it out in number sentences. The questions were to do with fractions. Overall, it was a very fun maths lesson teaching us about fractions and improving our skills.


ANZAC Day Service

On the 27th of April, 2015, our school had a ANZAC day service to remember the courageous soldiers who had fought for our freedom. The Australian and New Zealand soldiers landed at a beach in Turkey called Gallipoli. They fought the Turkish soldiers but unfortunately, the terrain was hilly and rocky and the enemy was above them so the Turkish had an advantage over them. This year was the centenary year after the landing at Gallipoli so it was extra special.

The band played ‘Remember the Anzacs’ as an introduction to the sombre service. There were a few speeches and flowers were laid out to remember the soldiers who fought for our country. We had a moment of silence and the trumpet played The Last Post and Reveille. The service finished with the singing of the National Anthem.



Making Prisms

On Thursday, after learning about prisms, we used sticks and blu-tack to make our own mini prisms. Everyone went into pairs and each gave the other properties of a certain prism. We had to guess what the sort of prism it was using those clues. These included triangular prisms, rectangular prisms, hexagonal prisms and even octagonal prisms! It was a creative and fun lesson.




A Child’s Diary from the 1850’s

17th May, 1855

Today was just another hard, tiring day on the Bathurst goldfields. Again, Mother expects me to do some housework like milking the cow, washing the dishes and collecting the eggs. Father often calls me to help him pan for gold. It is very fun, and my favourite part of the day, as I only get to help pan for gold once in a while so I count it as a treat. Meanwhile, housework is compulsory and happens daily. My little sister is too young to help. I hope she’ll grow up quickly so I can have some help with these chores.

Father has only found a few specks of gold. They are not enough for us to make our fortune. We need a big gold nugget. My sister cries nearly all day. She isn’t well fed and doesn’t have a comfortable bed but no one in our family has these privileges. Fortunately, we have just enough money to keep us alive but Father is running out of money fast because of the expensive monthly fee. Troopers are constantly checking miners for mining licences and I have seen many people fined or punished for not having a licence.

There are so many disadvantages of living here. The lack of food and water is bothering us all, but even when we do have some, it can be contaminated. There are lots of easily spread diseases on the goldfields so we must be careful. The smell is awful and it is getting worse and worse, smelling like urine, animal dung and rubbish.

I must get ready for another hot boring day tomorrow, so I am going to dinner now. I can smell mutton, so I guess that’s all we’re having.

Cross Country

Today was the cross country. Years 2, 3 and 4 ran 2 kilometres. Years 5 and 6 ran 3 kilometres. Everyone was separated into groups of girls and boys to compete against each other. Students wore different coloured clothes to show support for their sport house. Although it was very tiring, all of Year 6 found the energy and endurance they needed to finish the race. For our year group, Sarah came first, Rowan came second and Anna came third. Congratulations to these fast runners and well done to everyone who did the cross country.

GATS Carlingford High School Test

Today, a few students from Year 6 went to Carlingford High School to take the GATS (Gifted and Talented Students) test. There was a morning session and an afternoon session. We had to sit in alphabetical order and could only bring a bottle of water inside. In each session, there was a mathematics test for 40 minutes, a reading and language test for 40 minutes and a writing test for 30 minutes. Overall, the test went from 9:30 to 11:30. The purpose of this test was to try and guarantee a spot in the Carlingford High School extension class if you went to their school.