Our Finches!!

About two and a half weeks ago, Year 6 got four finches, for our class to take care of. We have two male finches and two female ones. You can differentiate them by looking at the ones with more feathers on its tail, more colour on its chest and when their cheeks are more brighter – male – and then the ones with less colour and feathers, are the female.

We have a large birdcage – that can fit eight birds – which the finches fly around in, squawking and playing with each other.

The food they mainly eat is nuts and grains (bird-seeds), which can get pretty messy at times.

We have been trying to choose some names for them, and their babies! We have got some ideas on some names for them, including:

  • Music
  • Nuts & Grains
  • Galapagos Islands
  • Indigenous Australians

We are voting which ones we like the most, and hopefully in a week or so we will have nice names for them!


-Wikipedia Image of Zebra Finch (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zebra_finch)




A Burning Issue


Over 24 hours the city of Pompeii was turned to rubble when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79AD. 2,000 people survived the first eruption, but after a second, more powerful eruption the following day, no one survived. 13, 000 people where killed in this fatal eruption. The town was buried under rock and ash, the city of Pompeii to be forgotten, until 1595, when the construction of an aqueduct, an underwater river system, revealed some parts of Pompeii, buried under rock and stone.

The people of Naples, Italy (the closest town to the only active volcano in Europe) still live in fear beside the active volcano, Mount Vesuvius, unsure when the next eruption will hit.


Parts of a Volcano

There are five main parts of a volcano:

The Crater: the hole at the top of the volcano where the magma/lava comes out.

The Cone: the outer layer of the volcano.

The Vent: an opening for fumes, air and smoke to be let out.

The Pipe: a long tube that leads from the vent of the volcano to the magma chamber.

The Magma Chamber: a large hole under the ground which carries the hot magma.


Fact: There is one difference between magma and lava, which is that when inside the volcano, the hot liquid is called magma and when it comes out of the volcano it is called lava.


Why Volcanoes Eruptions Occur

Some volcano eruptions are caused by two tectonic plates (the two sub-layers of the earth’s crust, that move, float, and sometimes collide, which can cause continental drift and some major disasters, like tsunamis, earthquakes and eruptions) that push together and because of the force, one of the plates will push above the other one, and if the tectonic plate is under a volcano’s magma chamber then it will cause the magma to rise and erupt.


I hope you have learnt a lot about volcanoes and how they react.

Picture 2-Mount Vesuvius eruption 1756, painting by Sir William Hamilton, vulcanologist (1730-1803)
Mount Vesuvius eruption 1756, painting by Sir William Hamilton, vulcanologist (1730-1803) Creative Commons

Navini Island Is Paradise

A few months ago, in January, I visited Nadi, Fiji for the third time, and stayed at a beautiful resort called Navini which I have been to many times before. At the end of my trip I asked the owner of Navini, Simone, if I could write a review on Navini, and she happily agreed with my offer! My review was posted on the internet just today and hopefully loads of tourists will see it and instantly book a stay at Navini! Here is the link:


You will have to scroll down to get to my article and hope everyone reading this will like it!

I want to thank all the wonderful teachers at Epping Heights P.S. for being so inspirational. I will always remember Epping Heights, no matter what.


Rose’s Diary Entry-By Erin

22nd April, 1855-Grandmama’s Birthday

Dear Diary,

Life in the goldfields is rotten! Work, work,work is all we do now. Ma and Papa and Tony are working from 6 o’clock in the morning until 7 at night, but today we will stop work and celebrate Grandmama’s birthday! Damper and mutton tastes horribly poor now, as we eat it nearly every day, but today we will have mutton with onions and gravy!

School is fine but poor Xing Chang has moved back to China with her family, unsuccessful in the goldfields. A drought has started to come now and water is scarce so we have stockpiled our food and water, hoping for the best.

My family are still unsuccessful in The Gold Rush, but I’m sure we will find our fortunes. When we do, we will go back to Canada and see Grandmama Gail and Aunty Sally again but for now we are prisoners in the goldfields…

11 Reasons Why You Should Read The Eleventh Hour By Graeme Base


A book is read, a story ends, a  telling tale is told.

But who can say what mysteries a single page may hold?

A maze of hidden codes and clues, a clock at every turn,

And only time will tell what other secrets you may learn…

Graeme Base-The Eleventh Hour


Have you ever read the book: The Eleventh Hour by Graeme Base? Well, if you haven’t-you definitely should. Especially if you are interested in codes and mysteries…

The main summary of the story is that a young calf (Horace, The Elephant) of eleven years is having a Fancy-Dress Party on the 11th of November. He has invited 10 animals; a zebra called Eric, a tiger called Max, a rhino called Thomas, a crocodile called Sam, a mouse called Kilroy, a swan, a cat, two twin giraffes and a pig. They play many party games and have lots of fun until they find that someone has stolen all the food for Horace’s banquet dinner!


My 1st reason for why you should read The Eleventh Hour is:

Anyone who likes solving mysteries along with some clues and puzzles to solve would absolutely love this book, it is filled to the brim with them!

My 2nd reason for why you should read The Eleventh Hour is:

The author, Graeme Base, uses poetry to write his books which is extremely hard, while also illustrated the whole book!

My 3rd reason for why you should read The Eleventh Hour is:

Graeme Base writes in a very humorous way which makes his readers want to read more, just like The Eleventh Hour.

My 4th reason for why you should read The Eleventh Hour is:

The plots of all his stories are strong and very smart because he uses only a picture book to carry you into the set scene of his story, especially in The Eleventh Hour.

My 5th reason for why you should read The Eleventh Hour is:

Graeme Base’s The Eleventh Hour seems as if it is meant for young children as it looks like a small picture book but – despite it being small – The Eleventh Hour has a lot of writing in it with words that only 5th-8th graders would know and anyway, once in a while picture books can be very fun to read!

My 6th reason for why you should read The Eleventh Hour is:

The Eleventh hour has beautiful illustrations filled with many different colours and shades so, those artists out there can stare at these amazing illustrations by Graeme Base!

My 7th reason for why you should read The Eleventh Hour is:

Graeme Base has very descriptive writing that sets you in the scene of the world of The Eleventh Hour!

My 8th reason for why you should read The Eleventh Hour is:

The book, The Eleventh Hour leaves you hanging, as if you’re the one to decide the ending of the story.

My 9th reason for why you should read The Eleventh Hour is:

After you read The Eleventh Hour you still have so much more to come, such as finding the codes, cracking them and then putting them all together!

My 10th reason for why you should read The Eleventh Hour is:

You get to know each character individually in a way that is humorous and fun.

My 11th reason and my last is:

The Eleventh Hour is one of the most historic picture book, filled with everything you could possibly want.


Those are my eleven reasons why you should read The Eleventh Hour by Graeme Base!!


Changing States Of Matter

Liquid-Solid: Water to Ice

1) The water (liquid) changes to ice (solid).

2) I know this because water flows into to a cup effortlessly and you can also put a solid object into it and make the water level rise. Whereas ice doesn’t flow like water and you can’t put your hand through it (rigid).

3) The water changes into ice due to cold temperature.

4) Ice is useful to us because ice can cool us down and can be put in drinks to make them cool. I think ice is quite useful in household activities.

5) It can actually be reversed by temperature. The ice will melt and turn into a liquid again. This cycle can go on and on.


Liquid-Gas: Water to Vapour (Steam)

1) The water (liquid) changes to vapour (gas).

2) I know this because water is wet while gas is usually something you can’t see when you touch.

3) The water changes into vapour because the water is too hot and it evaporates.

4) We usually use this method for ironing and sometimes cooking. It helps us with ironing our clothes and making them look presentable.

5) It can be reversed because the vapour rises up into the sky and becomes part of the clouds. And when the time comes the clouds will get heavy with water (used to be vapour) and then rain down onto the ground. This is a very easy cycle that uses water and steam.


Liquid-Gas #2: Petrol to Exhaust Fumes

1) The petrol (liquid) changes to exhaust fumes (gas) which are used for cars, mowers and leaf blowers.

2) I know this because you can put your hand through the exhaust fumes and not feel anything while in water you can feel it.

3) The petrol changes into a gas because it is burning out and being used so it changes into a gas and rises into the air.

4) We use petrol for cars, mowers and leaf blowers (anything that needs petrol for it to work).

5) It cannot change back into a liquid because petrol isn’t like water instead it is a mix of different materials which make it hard to reproduce.


Liquid-Solid #2: Watery Ice-cream to Harder Ice-cream

1) The watery mixture of ice cream before it is put in the freezer to a harder ice-cream.

2) I know this because sometimes I look in the box of ice-cream before it’s opened and it is a watery mixture. But after it has been in the fridge it is hard and doesn’t move from the container for a while until it melts a bit.

3) The liquid ice-cream changes into a rigid substance because the temperature cools it and freezes it in a way so it won’t be covered with ice.

4) Loads of people eat ice-cream because it is popular and delicious and we can sometimes use it to cool ourselves down.

5) The harder ice-cream can change back into its watery self by being put out in a hot environment for an extended period of time.


Solid-Liquid: Solid Coconut Oil to Liquid Coconut Oil

1) Coconut oil that can be fried in a pan and turned into liquid version of that.

2) I know this because liquid coconut oil flows while solid coconut oil is rigid.

3) The solid coconut oil is put into a fry pan and starts to melt from the heat and turn into a liquid.

4) Coconut oil can be used for cakes, slices, drinks and even face cream! It is very useful around the house.

5) It can turn back into solid due to temperature. It can change back and forth easily.


Thank you, hope you like this! I enjoyed doing this and learning about liquids, solids and gases. It was very interesting and I learnt a lot from it!

Ice Melting (Picture Taken by Erin)
Ice Melting (Picture Taken by Erin)

Team Sports

Every Friday, Stage 3 takes part in a sport activity that includes all the teachers. We play at Cheltenham Oval or the Epping Heights oval. This Term we have been focusing on team sport. Year 5 and Year 6 have 8 teams all together. We verse each other and play different sports, soccer, newcombe ball, tag footie and T-ball. We play for at least 45 minutes and have a break every 25 minutes. Today the Year 6 teams, Thunder and Wanderers versed each other in a football game. Unfortunately Thunder lost by one point, the score ended at 3-4. Daniel E scored a hatrick and Brian scored a goal. While for the Wanderers Issac scored 2 and Jake scored 1. At the end of the sports activity, we announce the best and fairest people in each team. Daniel E got 3 points, Hana got 2 and Jake got 1.

Wanderers vs Thunder playing Soccer at Cheltenham Oval
Wanderers vs Thunder playing Soccer at Cheltenham Oval

On the other side of Cheltenham Oval the two teams, Crimson Tide and The Bears played against each other in a game of Tag Footie. Unfortunately most of The Bears’ players were sick or had gone on an excursion with the the South Korean students that are visiting the school. It was 6 people against 10 so 4 people had to be reserves. It was a tough game because none of The Bears got a break. At the end of the game the score was: 7-3. The Crimson Tide had won by 4 tries, still a non-losing team. Ashish (Crimson Tied) scored 3 tries, Kaito got 3 tries and Jonty got 1. In The Bears Anna scored 1, Emily scored 1 and Tom scored 1. It was a fun but tough game.


The ladder after 2 rounds
The ladder after 2 rounds

Excerpt of my ‘Lost At Sea’ Story

I blinked as the early morning sun shone bright in my eyes. The clouds were a beautiful shade of amber and the sea was calm. The boat rocked back and forth giving me a calm feeling. So far I’ve been lost at sea for more than two days without food or water. My lips were dry and cracked. My stomach grumbled as I stumbled around the boat looking for something, anything to sustain me. I had already tried to catch fish but they would always swim away, as if I was a deadly disease that spread across the ocean. There was a sudden clap of thunder which made my boat jolt sidewards. Please no, please…no a thunderstorm. Another burst of thunder sounded from above making the sky light up. I shivered. Suddenly the water started to get rough and waves rolled over the boat…