Trashion Show

Every year, Cheltenham Girls High School hosts a ‘trashion show’. This is a fashion show where all of the outfits are made from recycled materials, and then modelled down a catwalk, making it just as official as a real fashion show. It is hosted by the CGHS green team to help raise money towards animal protection charities, as every student who participates/watches is required to give a gold coin donation. For the first time, Epping Heights were invited to participate and we had a total of 3 beautiful dresses come from our school. This years theme for the trashion show was ‘wild animals’ and there was altogether there were 13 stunning entries.

The entries fromEHPS were quite successful, and very impressive considering they were only made by primary school children. The first dress from Epping Heights was made by Sarah K, Julia J and Rachel L and it had a sea creature theme. It was a beautiful dress made from shredded newspaper, bottle caps and many more recycled materials. The second dress from EHPS was created by Leyla A and Sarah H and it was based around a cat theme. This wonderful piece was made from plastic bags, recycled clothes and much more. The last dress was made by Emily L, Josie K, Rowan G and Karishma S and its theme was a scarlet macaw. It was made from paper, paddle pop sticks, trash bags and many more materials.

All three entries from EHPS were amazing, and all earned a minor prize, although one dress in particular did extremely well. Against all of the other high school entries, the scarlet macaw won the judges favourite category, earning them a special prize pack. There were also two other categories to be one to earn a major prize which were the audiences favourite and the green teams favourite. Everybody absolutely loved a dress by a high school student, which was a stunning peacock and so it won the audiences favourite. The green teams favourite was an unusual yet interesting piece that was sort of a mix of all wild animals.

Overall, the trashion show was a huge hit and not only were all of the entries beautiful and were so much fun to make, this event really helped a cause in need.

– Josie K
The entries from EHPS
Sarah H modelling the cat themed dress

Emily L modelling the scarlet macaw themed dress

Sarah K modelling the sea creature themed dress

Volcano Shapes

Yesterday we had a science lesson on our topic, volcanoes. In this lesson we were investigating whether the viscosity of lava effected a volcanoes shape. To be able to tell if this was true we decided to do an experiment, although we obviously couldnt use real lava so instead we used a mix of flour and water.

To test many different types of viscosity we had 3 different mixtures of the liquid with different amounts of water. There was a high viscosity liquid which had 3 and a half tablespoons of water, a medium viscosity liquid which had 3 and 3 quaters of a tablespoon of water and finally a low viscosity liquid with 4 tablespoons of water.

We then conducted the experiment which consisted of pouring each liquid onto a plate and then after timing it for two minutes we would see how far it had spread out by measuring the circumfrance of the liquid which had then formed a circle. Our results from this was that the high viscosity liquid had the smallest cricumfrance because it was thicker and didnt get the chance spread out as much as the low vicostity liquid which was much thinner and had the largest circumfrance.

The way our experiment tied in with the effect of the viscosity of a lava on the shape of the volcano is that the lava with high viscosity would have a higher shaped volcano because it doenst flatten as much as the low viscosity lava whcih would be in a more spread out shaped volcano.

Over all, I very much enjoyed this lesson and it really helped me understand everything better by doing the experiment and seeing it with my own eyes.




Life on the goldfields as a child – Josie

To dear my beloved Grandmama,

Life has been such a struggle lately, I’m only 12 years old and I feel as stressed as a middle aged woman. Mama and Papa have been making me dig and cradle all day long, it’s the only way we can afford to survive here. Mama sad that once we had scraped up enough money to be able to come to the goldfields, we would spend no more then two weeks there and come back home with enough gold to be millionaires. It has now been a month and all we have found is a speck of gold, which is barely enough to buy a nice necklace Grandmama! I have gotten barely enough sleep the entire time we’ve been here, thats understandable through considering I sleep on a dirty old rag and all i can ever hear is the crashing and banging of miners furiously searching for gold. I’m not sure how much more of this I can take Grandmama, I have cried everyday we have been here when Mama and Papa aren’t around. I miss everyone at home so much and I feel like you’re the only person I can express my feelings to, I don’t want Mama and Papa to find out how i really feel because I know that will only make them feel terrible. I know that my parents are trying hard to make me happy but all I want is to be back at home in our small cottage, I don’t care if we’re rich or not I just want my old life back. I miss and love you so unbelievably much Grandmama and I really hope that Mama and Papa will decide to come back home soon because all I want to do is see you in person and give you a great big hug.

Lots of love, your favourite granddaughter Clarice xxx


Bullying has been a very big issue for quite some time now. It involves one person/a group of people that targets an innocent person. Last Friday was the National Day of Action Against Bullying and many schools got involved and discussed how to stop a bully. EHPS was on of those schools and everybody was to make a poster, rap or some sort of visual representation to do with anti-bullying.

Here is an example of one of the rap-songs by Matt and Charlie:

Bully Rap from y5ehps on Vimeo.

Drama/Poetry lesson with Mrs C

Today we had an interesting lesson about poetry with Mrs Cairn. We were first reviewing different pieces of poetry that we will be writing for our regular handwriting lessons. A few of them had to do with our HSIE topic, the gold rush. The rest were mostly entertaining pieces. My favourite Poem was called Mulga Bill’s bicycle.

This was a very entertaining piece of writing about a boastful man called Mulga Bill who was apparently an “expert at bicycle riding.” Although this was only said before he had tried to ride a penny farthing bicycle and let’s just say it that when he tried this experience he had nothing to boast about anymore.

The drama section of our lesson then started. We all were able to perform our favourite stanza from one of the selected poems. All of the performances were very interesting and captivating. There were a few very expressive presentations and some were just downright hilarious. This was a very new experience and we definitely had a lot of fun.

These are a few examples of the performances:

Excerpt from ‘Lost at sea story’ – Josie K

It started off as a lovely day, my family and I were boarding a cruise ship for their 20th anniversary. We were having the best of times, eating amazing food, sliding down exhilarating water slides and baking ourselves in the blazing hot son. But as night time came, dark stormy clouds filled the sky, This didn’t worry us, as we figured this sort of thing happened all the time. But what we didn’t know was our captain of the boat had never dealt with this kind of weather before. Waves were crashing around us and the winds were as strong as ever. All of a sudden the top of the boat was sucked up into the storm along with my parents. I grabbed my little sister Emma tight as we braced ourselves for what was ahead of us.