Happy Homes Art

The art form Happy Homes is the designing of a building that is likely to make you happy every time you see it. The person who invented this unique kind of architecture design was James Rizzo and the Happy Homes buildings are located in Brunswick, Germany.

Year 6 decided to make their own designs of happy architecture on paper and what made us inspired to do this was when one of the teachers showed us an image of the Happy Homes buildings in Brunswick, Germany, the other teacher asked Year 6 to guess where it was located. Then we started to learn more about the buildings and also last year’s Year 6 did this as well.

Many unique designs were drawn and they included happy objects and stuff like cute animals, hilarious cartoon faces, cool symbols and patterns, etc. Every one of the designs were colourful and had different shapes and sizes.

Monet’s Lillies

Last term, Year 6 learnt about Claude Monet and why his paintings were unique and famous. He looked at his surroundings as a bee would. Bees see UV light and Monet was colour blind in one eye. He could see UV light too. Apart from that he saw blues, greens, purples and cold colours instead of others. He expressed this in his paintings by painting what he saw in his perspective. If you look at his paintings, the paintings are painted in different colours to what they really are.

Year 6 decided to copy Claude Monet’s illustration of UV waterlillies and they had to only use cold colours. Year 6 had to use tiny brush strokes and mix the colours. Many people enjoyed this art and these are some examples of the Year 6’s version of Monet’s UV waterlillies…

The Spaghetti Challenge

When it was the end of the first school term in our school, we celebrated the end of the first term by dressing in mufti (theme: summer splash) and also participating in other minor activities. But in Year 6, we had ‘The Spaghetti Challenge’ after lunch and all you have to do is build the tallest tower out of hard spaghetti. Your tower’s judged from it’s base and the tallest tower wins. There was no prize except for the prize of boasting to everyone of your tall spaghetti tower.

Year 6 had to use masking tape and the hard spaghetti only. The Spaghetti Challenge was very ‘challenging’ but everybody had fun competing against one another showing off their ideas of their spaghetti tower. Luckily no one took it too seriously in the end so there was no argument or fights. We had a great end to the first term.





Easter Raffle

Today after recess the Easter Ticket Raffle was drawn and there were six prizes to be won each containing heaps of chocolate. Many people who were determined to win the 1st prize (a huge basket filled with loads of chcolate) bought the Easter Raffle Tickets and this lasted for a few weeks. Around a fourth of Year Six students were chosen to sell the raffle tickets before school and at recess but even though it was tiring selling them to many many people, they probably did have lots of fun. The winners must’ve felt their money had payed off when they were called to come up to the front.

All the money goes to the Year Six gift and they can buy school equipment, technology or what ever else they would desire.

New 2020 Flags Of Year 6 Australia!

Recently we had to do a project on pretending to make the 2020 vision of the Australian flag. Some people made paper flags, minecraft flags, fabric flags, even cake flags and many more! We had some time to do it in the RFF session with Mr Phelps and all of the ideas were creative and unique. Some of the students got inspiration from others whilst others having their own ideas. We all had to follow a long process involving creative thinking strategies.

We had to involve the view from Aboriginal people, migrants and make sure our ideas didn’t offend anyone. First we had to think of all the endless ideas and choose the best one. Next we had to perfect it and put our finishing touches. Then we display it on either cake, fabric, paper or with technology and show it to the class. Everybody did a great job on their project and the purpose of the project was to use more of our thinking so we can get creative ideas.





The Classroom of The Future

The Year 6 classrooms are a convenient and great for education. For most of us, this type of classroom is new but many of us can think of advantages/pros of it. From previous years of primary schooling, we worked in two or three classes/classrooms but in the sixth year, we work altogether and the only time we ever go into seperate classes is for our RFF and drama sessions. Also in the previous years, we had rectangular desks and seatings but now we have different sized desks and no specific seatings arranged.

We also have ‘chrome’ cushions multi-coloured and we can sit on them when we are being taught lessons on the smartboards. On the opposite sides, there are interactive whiteboards and we use them in almost every lesson. It’s hard to imagine two teachers controlling fifty two pupils but I think this kind of school environment is ideal for future education.



The New Cola On Top Court

Just this week, a new COLA has been placed on the top court. This is an advantage for Stage 3 people for they can eat their lunch without getting sunburnt. And for the other people who haven’t brought their hats to school, they would be able to sit on top court instead of having to walk down the stairs to go to the old COLA. They started constructing this Monday and finished just today. Even though throughout the two days there was a lot of noise going on throughout the top court, it was worth it for building a new COLA. All thew money was from a fundraiser called ‘The Walkathon’.



Shoe Printing

Today for one of our backgrounds for the Year 6 workbooks, we printed shoe prints on a violet A3 background. The teachers had old shoes prepared for use and the first ten people who volunteered to print got started. We brushed fluro orange paint onto the base of the shoe and printed them onto our violet background. Also the Korean students that had come from overseas got involved in the art.20150217-162928.jpg