Minions Movie Review

The Minions now working with Gru.
The announcement of the Minions movie with Kevin(middle) Bob (on right) and Stuart (left with the guitar)

This movie is funny and is the prequel of the Despicable Me movies. The minions wanted to find a boss to work for but had no luck. Three minions, Bob, Kevin and Stuart left the other minions in search for someone to work with. I would give this movie a 9/10 because it explains what happened before the Despicable Me movies and is funny too.


Year 6 EHPS vs ENPS-Debate

debate 2
ENPS with their speeches
Karishma’s Specch
debate 4
Beth’s Speech
The Debaters
Sameer, Calvin, Josie K, Karishma and Beth
debate 3
Josie K’s Speech

Today our debaters Sameer, Calvin , Josie K , Karishma and Beth did a debate with Epping North Public. Their topic was that homework should be banned for primary students. Team EHPS was the Affirmative team and Team ENPS was the Negative team. It was a pretty close debate but EHPS won the debate. Good work Debaters!

HSIE-Ancient Egypt with Miss Bent

Today Miss Bent showed us the Pyramids of Giza and how they could have formed a long time ago.

We discussed many questions:

Did they use a frame when they were building?

How did they transport the blocks of stone over the Nile?

Where did they get the stone?

These questions will remain a mystery.