For an assignment, Year 6 had to do an explanation on how volcanoes work. We had done a few explanations in class so everybody knew how to write them. I researched for a couple of days on volcanoes but only for a day as we had learnt a lot about them at school. I decided to complete my explanation in a different way, I used a website called Prezi which makes presentations more interesting. This the link to my Prezi!! Hope you enjoy it.

Gold License

At school we have HOTS activities to do during literacy groups. These are activities that need research and imagination. We had to complete 10 of them. Mrs Cairn set us an assignment to complete 3 of these at home and the other 7 at school. I chose to make a gold digging license.

I started of creating the license on PowerPoint and this took a long time because I had to do research on the internet of what they look like. I used my own ideas and included what I had seen. I then printed this out and let the ink dry. The next morning, when Mum had tea, we saved the teabag. We squeezed all the tea out of the bag into a bowl. We got a brush and did a light coat of the tea over the gold license. We let that dry for a day. The next day Mum got a match stick and lit it. She burnt the paper on the sides to make it look like it was old and burnt a bit. It looked really cool. I gave it to Mrs Cairn and both teachers said it looked really good. I really liked making the gold license.Gold License - HOTS Part A NO.10

Harmony Day

On Thursday, it was Harmony Day. There were many performances including a Bollywood dance, Chinese show, African drums and Aboriginal music. The one I liked best was a Brazilian music one and that’s what this is about.

We went on to the top court and there were two Brazilian men. They started of talking about 2 instruments. They were called the pandeiro and the other was called the berimbau. They played some music using these instruments, we found this very entertaining. Next, they taught us a song. We learnt the worlds and sang while the men played their instruments. We had a lot of fun doing this. After this, the y finished of this show doing some tricks. They did cart-wheels, flips, kicks and handstands. We were all entertained and overall it was a enjoyable show and we learnt a lot about Brazilian music.


World’s Greatest Shave

Before and After - photo by my mum
Before and After – photo by my mum


Yesterday (16th March), my amazing sister did the World’s Greatest Shave. She shaved off her hair to raise money and awareness. All the funds collected go to the Leukemia Foundation. This money is used for medical research towards treating blood cancer and helping the families of victims. To shave her hair took a lot of courage and I am very proud of her.

Why did she shave?

Today, 31 Australians will be given the devastating news that they have leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma or a related blood disorder. That’s more than 12,000 people in 2015. Although survival rates are improving, blood cancers like these are the third biggest cause of cancer death in Australia.

To date she has raised a total of $2,485 and this is from friends, family and ordinary people’s donations and wanting to make a difference in somebody’s life. Her school has raised a whopping $37,241. The principal said that she will shave when they reach $50,000, they are almost 75% to their goal. They are the 7th highest school in Australia and the 2nd in NSW. A total of 20 girls and 2 teachers shaved and an additional 40 coloured their hair. Although she has already shaved, it is not too late to donate to this worthy cause, the donations close at the end of the financial year(30th June). It would be awesome if you could donate.

To donate to this worthy cause and help someone in need go to: my.leukaemiafoundation.org.au/sonalid



GRIP Leadership Conference

Today the leadership team (captains, vice-captains, prefects and houses captains) went to the GRIP leadership conference in Homebush. We learned about how to become better leaders using the stand up principles.

We played ‘Scissors Paper Rock, against the MC. These was actions to use when we go back to school. ‘Paper’ means to make a plan. ‘Scissors’ means take actions and ‘Rock’ means to stay strong.

The stand up principles are:

1. Stand up when there is an opportunity                                                                                                                                          2. Stand up for what’s right.                                                                                                                                                                  3. Stand up for others.                                                                                                                                                                             4. Stand up for yourself.

For the 2nd principle, we had one person from each school out the front. There was some true and some false facts, the people chose whether it was right or wrong. It was so that at school we could decide whether actions were right or wrong and help other people. After this, we had recess for 25 minutes. We just sat down and ate. Then we went back inside for session 2.

When we came inside, we opened our booklets and answered ‘What did you learn in Session 1?’ This session was about ‘Paying it Forward’. This was about being genorous to everybody in different ways. THese were called the 3T’s.

1.Time – giving our time to help people.

2. Treasure – giving what we have

3. Talent – using our skills to help.

Some people did a role play to teach about being genourous. The story line was, a man had travelled a long way without food. We went to different houses but they didn’t have any food for him. Then a pizza maker appeared they made food for him. After this, we had a ‘Loud Noises’ competition. We played charades againts the other half. This was really fun because we acted out words with 1000 other people. We had luch. After luch we had a disco when people danced and we all copied.

Overall we all had so much fun and we learned a lot aboutn leadership and what to do when we get back to school.



Properties of Gases

Today with Mr Squires we did a science lesson. We all really enjoyed doing an exciting experiment. In previous weeks we learnt about liquids and solids. So this lesson was about gases. We discussed a bit about the properties of a gas. Some of these were; some are invisible, some you can smell, they move freely and gases fill the fully in-closed vessel it is kept in..

We started of the experiment by learning about what we were about to do. We were going to see whether a cup had air in it. Each group had two cups of water and two pieces of tissue paper. There was a few jugs of water on the art tables. We had to push the tissue into the cup so it stayed at the bottom and then first push it into the jug of water upside down making sure that the tissue stayed in the bottom of the cup. We then got the second cup and pushed the tissue in the same way. We then had to pushed the 2nd cup in to the jug the right way.

We all went to our desks to complete a worksheet about our predictions on what will happen. A couple groups at a time we went up to the art tables to actually complete the experiment. My group found that when pushing the cup into the water upside down, less water got soaked up by the tissue than when pushing it down with the opening on top. This was because gases like moving up, so when the cup was upside down it had no where to go because the tissue was there. This meant that the air took up the whole cup and water couldn’t enter. When the opening was a the top, the air escaped which let the water have room to enter. This meant that the tissue got soaked by the water.

Overall, everybody enjoyed this experiment and learning a lot about gases. We can’t wait to have more lessons on gases and ‘What’s the Matter?’

Matthew and Tom working together
Matthew and Tom working together
Matthew and Tom


Drama on Mondays

Every Monday morning we do drama in the hall with Mrs P. First 6C do drama while 6S do spelling. We then swap. At drama, we start of doing some stretches, then we make a circle and do small activities. Most of these are about using our repertoire (a small box inside our head with all the movies and books we have ever seen or read) and expression. We then get in to groups of 5 and use a stimulus to create a play. We use a stimulus that is sometimes a poem, a scene which build upon or just anything we think of. We have a short time to practice with our group and then sit down and watch the other groups perform. After we perform, each group gets helpful tips and comments from the class. We then leave to have recess or go back to class. Everybody loves drama because we get to be ourselves and express our feelings.

Maths with Mr Wilson

Today with Mr Wilson, we learnt about number lines.We started by playing a few games on the smartboard. We then worked with positive and negative numbers to create our own unique number lines.

We rolled a dice and the first number and the second was how much we subtract. This was fun because we could be with a partner and to maths in a fun way. We made several number lines in pairs and shared the work equally. We really enjoyed this activity and learning about numbers below O.