This Friday, Thunder and The Swans had a thrilling game of newcombe ball. Thunder took the win by 2 games. Each of the games contained 21 points. The aim of the game is to throw the ball over a high net and try to make the other team fumble or drop the ball. When the ball comes over to your side your team needs to catch the ball before it drops on the ground. Every time the opposition drops the ball your team gains a point. For this game best and fairest went to Monique and Jake.

Selective Test

Today the Selective School Placement Test was held at Carlingford High School. A large variety of schools had students siting the test including our school. We all arrived at the location by 9 am. We got ourselves sorted into alphabetical order according to our last names and made our way into the large hall.

We did a Reading test for 40 minutes and a Maths test of 40 minutes, then we had a break for 30 minutes to get a chance to eat our morning tea. After that we did a General Ability test for 40 minutes and finally a writing test for 20 minutes. The big day was rapped up at 1:30