More Debating

I absolutely love debating. I’m sure at least some of you out there reading this post will think that too. Well a lot of you. A few days ago we had 4 practise debates, allowing 12 students try out to be in our NSW Premier Debating Rounds. We had topics about sport, education, children and social media.

Three reasons to love debating:

Getting to work with other people,

Sharing and comparing your ideas,

And most of all….. Having fun!

One main reason to not like debating:

1 hour preparation time- It can be stressful!

But I believe that we all gave it our best shot and had heaps of fun learning experiences. We all developed a fantastic and convincing speech in our last debate with all that practise. We were all confident and presented our speeches as a team, with lots of enthusiasm! Well done and good luck!


Debating Workshop

In the first week back from our Easter Holidays, what better way to start it, than a fun debating workshop to help all of us improve our skills. General knowledge is a great skill to have in persuasive writing, so that was exactly where we started. Our host, an ex-student of our school, who happened to be a pro debater, posed trivial questions based on different events that occurred or are occurring around the world. It was a fun way to start the workshop, having all of us scream answers and learn in an exciting way.

Next we did a more persuasive exercise, which we called the hot-air balloon. This activity was designed to trigger more ideas and arguments on the spot. We had to pretend that we were all in a plane, that was going to crash. The aim of this game was to pretend to be a character from the past or present (eg. Shakespeare and Taylor Swift), and convince everyone else that they should have the last hot air balloon. The winner was the person who achieved in convincing everyone and survived the crash.

At the end we designed our own argument and model ideas in teams. But even if debating isn’t your thing, it helped our confidence in public speaking and improvisation skills, all in the one workshop!


Harmony Day- Costumes

Bright cloth, dazzling sequins and unique hat wear filled the playground. Why, you may ask? Saturday 21 of March is the official Harmony Day, but our school celebrated multiculturalism on Thursday. We all came together and learnt about many cultures from around the world. I love harmony, and its not just because I’m able to stuff my face with dumplings, sushi and vegemite sandwiches. I love observing different dress and clothing. Every traditional clothing is unique and very different. China have their beautiful silk gown, Vietnamese have the impeccable straw hat, Korean have their lovely hanbok,  India have their fancy saris and silk pants , Scotland have their embroided kilts, the list could go on and on!

We can all learn information about different cultures and countries just by looking at other peoples clothing. Vietnam have their fantastic straw hats because they work in paddy fields to collect grains of rice and herd cattle. Since the hot sun would belt down everyday, the round cones protect their skin from getting sunburnt. I love Harmony Day and I just love the fact that we can walk together as equals and experience different cultures! I hope you can all have the same experience!

1:Korean Hanbok, Indian Sari, Afghanistan Clothing. 2: Japanese traditional clothing. 3: Afghanistan Dress. 4: Indian outfit. 5: Our beloved Australian cricket uniform.

Pictures by Charlotte, Brian and Mr S

By Karishma


Paper Planes Review

Out of 10, I would probably rate the movie Paper Planes a: 9.5. What a wonderful encouragement to start the year, an Australia film filled with friendship, hope and dreams!

Paper Planes has an enchanting cast with some well known actors and actresses like Ed Oxenbould- main character (starred as the main character of Alexander and the terrible, no good, very bad day), Deborah Mailmen -(starred in The Sapphires and the show Offspring) & Sam Worthington – Dad (starred as the main character in Avatar), plus many more!

I think it was a really authentic experience, sharing the ‘outback’ lifestyle with the world. The films revolves around a boy called Dylan, who has a dream, to fly a paper airplane. Well not at first. A month before all his success, sadly an accident occurred to Dylan’s mum, leaving his dad dreading each day as the weeks passed with her absence.

Dylan, though, led his own life and gained independence throughout his journey, like standing up for the good, fighting the bad and caring about others before himself.

Overall, Paper planes was and still is, an inspiring story about friendship and dreams, includes a fantastic cast role and a delicious story line. Hopefully you can enjoy the experience to!

By Karishma

Korean Exchange Student Visit

We woke up early in the morning, excited and happy for the day ahead of us. Epping Heights were hosting 9 Korean exchange students,they would stay at our house for about 10 days.It has been a fun adventure learning about another language and culture.

Having an exchange student made me really want to learn more about Korea and their different cultures. I learnt more about different types of kimchi, popular sports like dodgeball and and found similarities & differences between the Australian school system and the Korean school system.

On Friday we had a fun excursion with our exchange students to Sydney Wild Life Park and Sydney Sea Life Aquarium. I thought that the trip was splendid and we all had lots of fun, like touching a harmless python, adorable sugar glide possums, interesting stick insects, quokkas, baby koalas and heaps more!

I’m so glad that here at Epping Heights we have great opportunities like this and wonderful adventures! I had a great time showing my Korean student around Australia- I hope all the other homestay families enjoyed the new cultural company!


Photos by Hugo’s Mum.