HSIE Letter To Home

Dearest Lucy,

I fear that my dream of returning home to London is comming to a close. Father comes home each day grummbling about something. Every day when I ask him about the days dighe shoots me a frosty stare and sends me away telling me to mind my own bussines and stop being a nosey parker! Ever since we left London he’s never been quite the same old dear that he used to be, blocking out anyone anyone who cares for him. Lucy, dear, don’t tell myther about this as I know it would break her heart. Life is tough here already. Don’t give me any more worries.

No matter how much you pester me I can never give you an honest answer about fathers health as I truley do not know, as for mine the only thing I suffer is loneliness. I have tryed to make friends, really O have but I donb’t have your flair for people. I promise that IU’ll keep on trying but that dosen’t mean a friendship is bound. When I write to you sister, I feel that I can truley let out my thoughts. Thank you.

When I step outside of our tent all I can see is sweaty men, working, away, children, running around, dodging the miners on the fields. I hear the loud clanks of metal andthe occasional cry for joy when I man finds gold. The putrid smell. The dry food .The hot sun beating down on my sunkissed back and my clothes are nowhere near suited for the climate. But thinking of you, mother and all the gold out there, it makes my heart leap for joy.

I’m sorry for the silence, I know I haven’t written for a while but money is a issue. With no gold I fear thatthis may be the last time I write to you. I know that reading this will make your kind heart want to do something but please, sister, I urge you not to. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Stay in London with mother, for comming out here will onlybring you great sorrow. Life for girls here is tough. Please stay.

From your dearest sister


Exploring Convection

Today in science lesson, we explored convection in liquids and gases. Convection is when hot substances rise and cold substances fall/sink to the bottom. To explore this topic we did a few different experiments using food colouring,tea bags,ice,water and matches.

For our first experiment we used an empty tea bag and stood it upright and we then lit it with a match. The result to this was very interesting, as the flame burned the tea bag to the bottom and then the ashes of it floated in the air. This was an example of convection because once the tea bag heated up, it rose and the cool air then fell/sunk.

Our next experiment included using a container of warm water with red food colouring (to symbolise hot) and ice cubes which had blue food colouring (to symbolise cold). We then added the ice cubes to the water and the heat of the water caused the cold iece cubes colouring to sink/fall. This experiment demomstrated convection because once the cold substance was added it almost immediatly sunk and the hot subtance rose.

This science lesson was very entertaining and enjoyable for all of us and we can’t wait for the next one!

By Josie and Beth

Photos taken by Anna

Literacy Groups-Writing

As part of our literacy groups we have been writing suspenceful first lines for an orientation. Here is the work of some of our clever students:

By Annika:

As the teenage girl meandered through the forest she heard foosteps and then a hand touched her shoulder.

The blaring sounds of the ambulance peirced my ears and the sounds of screams filled my head.

By Beth:

I fell asleep to the sounds to the creaks and groans of the house. I knew them all, every noise, every whisper, or so I thought.

She looked up at me and cocked her head left and then right. She sniffed up and then down and finally she built up the courage to wqalk into her new life leaving everything she knew and loved behind.

By Neda:

The poor, mysterious thief crept quietly, with his heart pounding loudlyas he slowly reached out for the largest emerald in the world.

The taxi driver gasped and screamed. I looked out of the window half hesitand, half scared and I screamed too, bracing myself for the crash.

Congragulations to all these wonderful authors, they all did a fantastic job!