Blogging Guidelines

Blogging is fun and a wonderful learning and sharing activity.

These are the blogging rules and guidelines for Epping Heights. They have been developed for the safety of our students.

Blogs are in a public space – be proud of anything you write or post!

Do When blogging you must:
■use your school email address
■not write about any personal information– eg your phone numbers or tell anyone where you live.
■be responsible when posting on the internet
■not post information or pictures of others without their permission and never use full names.
■write full words and sentences – not mobile phone talk
■never post anything about yourself that you wouldn’t like others to see
■always only use first names

Never post any details about where you might live:

eg) “Hi I’m Mitch and I live in Smith Street, Smithville” – BAD.

“Hi I’m Mitch and I live in Epping/NSW” – GOOD.

-Never post any information that may lead to your identity. Be careful of any information you reveal:

eg) “I play soccer for the Diamonds – my game is at 7.30 this Saturday” – BAD.

“I play soccer with a local team during the week” – GOOD.

All posts and comments are checked by Mr Squires or Mrs Cairnbefore they are published on the blog.

If you do you find something unpleasant, distressing or just feel uncomfortable, tell your teacher, parents or an adult.

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