Trashion Show

Every year, Cheltenham Girls High School hosts a ‘trashion show’. This is a fashion show where all of the outfits are made from recycled materials, and then modelled down a catwalk, making it just as official as a real fashion show. It is hosted by the CGHS green team to help raise money towards animal protection charities, as every student who participates/watches is required to give a gold coin donation. For the first time, Epping Heights were invited to participate and we had a total of 3 beautiful dresses come from our school. This years theme for the trashion show was ‘wild animals’ and there was altogether there were 13 stunning entries.

The entries fromEHPS were quite successful, and very impressive considering they were only made by primary school children. The first dress from Epping Heights was made by Sarah K, Julia J and Rachel L and it had a sea creature theme. It was a beautiful dress made from shredded newspaper, bottle caps and many more recycled materials. The second dress from EHPS was created by Leyla A and Sarah H and it was based around a cat theme. This wonderful piece was made from plastic bags, recycled clothes and much more. The last dress was made by Emily L, Josie K, Rowan G and Karishma S and its theme was a scarlet macaw. It was made from paper, paddle pop sticks, trash bags and many more materials.

All three entries from EHPS were amazing, and all earned a minor prize, although one dress in particular did extremely well. Against all of the other high school entries, the scarlet macaw won the judges favourite category, earning them a special prize pack. There were also two other categories to be one to earn a major prize which were the audiences favourite and the green teams favourite. Everybody absolutely loved a dress by a high school student, which was a stunning peacock and so it won the audiences favourite. The green teams favourite was an unusual yet interesting piece that was sort of a mix of all wild animals.

Overall, the trashion show was a huge hit and not only were all of the entries beautiful and were so much fun to make, this event really helped a cause in need.

– Josie K
The entries from EHPS
Sarah H modelling the cat themed dress

Emily L modelling the scarlet macaw themed dress

Sarah K modelling the sea creature themed dress

Happy Homes Art

The art form Happy Homes is the designing of a building that is likely to make you happy every time you see it. The person who invented this unique kind of architecture design was James Rizzo and the Happy Homes buildings are located in Brunswick, Germany.

Year 6 decided to make their own designs of happy architecture on paper and what made us inspired to do this was when one of the teachers showed us an image of the Happy Homes buildings in Brunswick, Germany, the other teacher asked Year 6 to guess where it was located. Then we started to learn more about the buildings and also last year’s Year 6 did this as well.

Many unique designs were drawn and they included happy objects and stuff like cute animals, hilarious cartoon faces, cool symbols and patterns, etc. Every one of the designs were colourful and had different shapes and sizes.

Drama/Poetry lesson with Mrs C

Today we had an interesting lesson about poetry with Mrs Cairn. We were first reviewing different pieces of poetry that we will be writing for our regular handwriting lessons. A few of them had to do with our HSIE topic, the gold rush. The rest were mostly entertaining pieces. My favourite Poem was called Mulga Bill’s bicycle.

This was a very entertaining piece of writing about a boastful man called Mulga Bill who was apparently an “expert at bicycle riding.” Although this was only said before he had tried to ride a penny farthing bicycle and let’s just say it that when he tried this experience he had nothing to boast about anymore.

The drama section of our lesson then started. We all were able to perform our favourite stanza from one of the selected poems. All of the performances were very interesting and captivating. There were a few very expressive presentations and some were just downright hilarious. This was a very new experience and we definitely had a lot of fun.

These are a few examples of the performances:

Drama on Mondays

Every Monday morning we do drama in the hall with Mrs P. First 6C do drama while 6S do spelling. We then swap. At drama, we start of doing some stretches, then we make a circle and do small activities. Most of these are about using our repertoire (a small box inside our head with all the movies and books we have ever seen or read) and expression. We then get in to groups of 5 and use a stimulus to create a play. We use a stimulus that is sometimes a poem, a scene which build upon or just anything we think of. We have a short time to practice with our group and then sit down and watch the other groups perform. After we perform, each group gets helpful tips and comments from the class. We then leave to have recess or go back to class. Everybody loves drama because we get to be ourselves and express our feelings.