Poetry About Endangered Animals

The Loggerhead Turtle swims about,
Happily around, without a doubt.
But now they’re running,
Because their pray are cunning.

On the jungle ground,
Jaguars run around.
Only until they come,
Then their life is done.

The Monarch Butterfly flies around,
Wings flapping without a sound.
But when an animal squashes it,
The innocent butterfly is lit.

A south China Tiger prowls on the land,
Couples together, hand in hand.
But when they’re separated,
They’re hearts are confiscated.

These poems were inspired from the Zoo mobile competition, you have to write a creative story about your favourite endangered animal. Then, send it to the email address on this website. http://www.abc.net.au/local/stories/2015/07/08/4269615.htm?site=sydney&section=competitions

Some Poetry

My Cat
Our crazy cat jumps at a mouse
Causing chaos at our house.

Our calm cat cleans itself
Even more than myself!

Our caring cat is cosy
And is very nosy.

Our complex cat is clever
But not anymore when we’re together.

Our cute cat just huddled
I can’t stand it! I’m giving it a cuddle!

Super Spring starts the year
Shimmering, Glistening, Thundering rain
But warmth comess out, once again.

Sizzling Summer continues the year
Burning, Blinding, Sweltering sun
So let’s have some fun!

Awesome Autumn is back again
Crunching, Sliding, Tumbling leaves
Perfect for us, but not for the trees!

Wonderful Winter ends the year
Freezing, Falling, Beautiful snow
As coldness flows.


4 Seasons - tree-lined drive

Drama/Poetry lesson with Mrs C

Today we had an interesting lesson about poetry with Mrs Cairn. We were first reviewing different pieces of poetry that we will be writing for our regular handwriting lessons. A few of them had to do with our HSIE topic, the gold rush. The rest were mostly entertaining pieces. My favourite Poem was called Mulga Bill’s bicycle.

This was a very entertaining piece of writing about a boastful man called Mulga Bill who was apparently an “expert at bicycle riding.” Although this was only said before he had tried to ride a penny farthing bicycle and let’s just say it that when he tried this experience he had nothing to boast about anymore.

The drama section of our lesson then started. We all were able to perform our favourite stanza from one of the selected poems. All of the performances were very interesting and captivating. There were a few very expressive presentations and some were just downright hilarious. This was a very new experience and we definitely had a lot of fun.

These are a few examples of the performances: