Monique’s 100 Word Challenge

Keegan and I silently crept up the stair from the secret room we had been settling in. When we finally reached the top I couldn’t believe what I saw. The city that had once been vivid and alive was ruined and destroyed. There was debris in the air, making it hard to breath. With fear building up inside me, my hand slowly made its way into Keegan’s. We walked up the isolated street. We cautiously rounded the narrow corner. As we came around, we found ourselves face to face with a creature so horrifying, making it impossible to contain my fear.

100 Word Challenge – Rowan

I turned to look out of the window. The dark night swallowed the small street that twisted through the village. The once green fields had been burnt and destroyed; along with the once beautiful pond that I had swam in with my old horse, Casper, the day before it started. All that was left of the world had vanished, my parents, my friends, Casper, the village… I heard footsteps coming up from behind me, as I carefully ducked behind a large bin. The stranger was a young teenage boy, and he seemed to be carrying a large pipe of some sort. “I know you’re there”. – Rowan