Nicholoson Museum and IMAX Theatre

Last Tuesday, Year 6 went on a excursion to the Nicholoson Museum and the IMAX theatre.

First, we went on a bus that took us to the museum and studied amazing artifacts and learnt about the ancient history of Egypt, following last term’s HSIE topic. We saw many objects ranging from mummies to a gigantic Lego city. After that, we even got to touch and explore ancient artifacts up close. A few artifacts we got to hold and study included bowls, canopic jars and scarab beetles. It was amazing to know that these objects had survived long enough for us to see.

After the trip to the museum, the bus took us to the IMAX theatre in Darling Harbour, where we watched a fascinating 3D documentary teaching us about mummification in Ancient Egypt. It greatly expanded our knowledge on Egypt.

It was a great day and Year 6 enjoyed the excursion very much.







Year 6 Excursion to the IMAX

On July the 28th, Year 6 went to the IMAX to watch a 3D documentary about Ancient Egypt. It explained the mummification process and the history behind it, the Valley of the Kings, and Abu Simbel. I taught us slot as we were learning Ancient Egypt as the topic for HSIE. The documentary was just under one hour, with gave us a chance to relax, rest our sore feet and catch up with friends.


Ancient Egypt Sistrum – Julia

The sistrum was an instrument used in Ancient Egypt called shesheset Egyptians and was a favored instrument in many religious ceremonies. It was used when you wanted to talk to the God Hathor. The sistrum’s basic shape resembled the ankh which was the symbol of life.
To play the sistrum have to shake it will jingle like a bell. You also say special words before you say your personal words. The sistrum is made out of wood, metal or ceramic and it has a handle a Y shape. This instrument is usually used by an Egyptian priestess for talking to the Gods and telling people what their fortune is. The sistrum makes a soft jangling sound which is like the wind blowing through papyrus reeds. It was this sound that was supposed to sound like the gods and goddesses. It makes these sounds because it has metal pieces along the middle with small metal pieces which jingle when you shake them.

HSIE-Ancient Egypt with Miss Bent

Today Miss Bent showed us the Pyramids of Giza and how they could have formed a long time ago.

We discussed many questions:

Did they use a frame when they were building?

How did they transport the blocks of stone over the Nile?

Where did they get the stone?

These questions will remain a mystery.


Mummifying an apple slice

Yesterday in our HSIE lesson (ancient Egypt) we got to mummify an apple slice. We were put into  groups of six , and  were given 5 plastic zip lock bags and 5 apple slices. We weighed each apple slice and placed each apple slice into a zip lock bag.  In our first bag(zip lock)we put in 6 table spoons of Empson salt. In our second bag we put in 6 table spoons of home brand salt. We then placed 6 table spoons of Naltron salt into our third bag. Then in our fourth bag we put in 6  table spoons of bicarb salt, naltron, home brand and empson salt. finally for our firth bag which had nothing in it except a apple slice. Now we had 5 bags each with a apple slice and different type of salt. If you are wondering why we put in different salts in each bag its because in ancient Egyptian times they used a certain type of salt to mummify so we are trying to see which salt works the best to mummify the apple slice. So now we have 5 bags with different salts and apple slices and now we have to wait 7 days till we look at them again.
(Fun fact: in real mummification after you have covered the body In salt you need to wait 40 days!!!!)