Trashion Show

Every year, Cheltenham Girls High School hosts a ‘trashion show’. This is a fashion show where all of the outfits are made from recycled materials, and then modelled down a catwalk, making it just as official as a real fashion show. It is hosted by the CGHS green team to help raise money towards animal protection charities, as every student who participates/watches is required to give a gold coin donation. For the first time, Epping Heights were invited to participate and we had a total of 3 beautiful dresses come from our school. This years theme for the trashion show was ‘wild animals’ and there was altogether there were 13 stunning entries.

The entries fromEHPS were quite successful, and very impressive considering they were only made by primary school children. The first dress from Epping Heights was made by Sarah K, Julia J and Rachel L and it had a sea creature theme. It was a beautiful dress made from shredded newspaper, bottle caps and many more recycled materials. The second dress from EHPS was created by Leyla A and Sarah H and it was based around a cat theme. This wonderful piece was made from plastic bags, recycled clothes and much more. The last dress was made by Emily L, Josie K, Rowan G and Karishma S and its theme was a scarlet macaw. It was made from paper, paddle pop sticks, trash bags and many more materials.

All three entries from EHPS were amazing, and all earned a minor prize, although one dress in particular did extremely well. Against all of the other high school entries, the scarlet macaw won the judges favourite category, earning them a special prize pack. There were also two other categories to be one to earn a major prize which were the audiences favourite and the green teams favourite. Everybody absolutely loved a dress by a high school student, which was a stunning peacock and so it won the audiences favourite. The green teams favourite was an unusual yet interesting piece that was sort of a mix of all wild animals.

Overall, the trashion show was a huge hit and not only were all of the entries beautiful and were so much fun to make, this event really helped a cause in need.

– Josie K
The entries from EHPS
Sarah H modelling the cat themed dress

Emily L modelling the scarlet macaw themed dress

Sarah K modelling the sea creature themed dress

Nicholoson Museum and IMAX Theatre

Last Tuesday, Year 6 went on a excursion to the Nicholoson Museum and the IMAX theatre.

First, we went on a bus that took us to the museum and studied amazing artifacts and learnt about the ancient history of Egypt, following last term’s HSIE topic. We saw many objects ranging from mummies to a gigantic Lego city. After that, we even got to touch and explore ancient artifacts up close. A few artifacts we got to hold and study included bowls, canopic jars and scarab beetles. It was amazing to know that these objects had survived long enough for us to see.

After the trip to the museum, the bus took us to the IMAX theatre in Darling Harbour, where we watched a fascinating 3D documentary teaching us about mummification in Ancient Egypt. It greatly expanded our knowledge on Egypt.

It was a great day and Year 6 enjoyed the excursion very much.







Year 6 Excursion to the IMAX

On July the 28th, Year 6 went to the IMAX to watch a 3D documentary about Ancient Egypt. It explained the mummification process and the history behind it, the Valley of the Kings, and Abu Simbel. I taught us slot as we were learning Ancient Egypt as the topic for HSIE. The documentary was just under one hour, with gave us a chance to relax, rest our sore feet and catch up with friends.


Our Finches!!

About two and a half weeks ago, Year 6 got four finches, for our class to take care of. We have two male finches and two female ones. You can differentiate them by looking at the ones with more feathers on its tail, more colour on its chest and when their cheeks are more brighter – male – and then the ones with less colour and feathers, are the female.

We have a large birdcage – that can fit eight birds – which the finches fly around in, squawking and playing with each other.

The food they mainly eat is nuts and grains (bird-seeds), which can get pretty messy at times.

We have been trying to choose some names for them, and their babies! We have got some ideas on some names for them, including:

  • Music
  • Nuts & Grains
  • Galapagos Islands
  • Indigenous Australians

We are voting which ones we like the most, and hopefully in a week or so we will have nice names for them!


-Wikipedia Image of Zebra Finch (




Band Camp

band camp photo 1

On the weekend, all the students from Training, Intermediate and Concert Bands gathered together at a Baden-Powell Scout Centre to have Band Camp! Everyone was very excited to come and play some music, and we all came to the hall. Everyone took turns playing their instruments with Mr D, Mr V and our instrument tutors. This lasted the whole day, with breaks for meals. In the afternoon, everyone was waiting to go to their scout activity. Year 6 went on the flying fox. After that, we had dinner then went to the campfire, where we sang songs, cooked damper and had hot chocolate! At the end of the day, everyone was very tired so we headed back to our cabins to sleep.

In the morning, we had breakfast and were ready and fresh for a whole day of music! Everyone rehearsed and rehearsed until we were all ready for the concert. In the afternoon, the afternoon concert was a success, with everyone playing their instruments as proudly and loudly as they could! Overall, everyone had a lot of fun, and they all enjoyed themselves.

band camp photo 2

Vivid 2015 Sydney

May 22 to June 18 is the Vivid light show in the city. My family and I went and it was amazing! There were lights everywhere! The buildings had lights going on and off, there was a water- laser show with loads of lights shining through water with fireworks and firecrackers exploding, it looks amazing with all the colours. With the art that we’re doing, I strongly suggest visiting it.









Sydney’s Writers Festival

Today was the last day for the SWF (Sydney’s Writers Festival). I met Andy Griffiths, Oliver Phommavanh and Anna and Barbara Fienberg ( the authors of Tashi believe it or not, their mother and daughter).
I think its great to give children a chance to meet their favourite author, although most children’s authors aren’t Australian (Pamela Allen and Dr Seuss). I couldn’t upload Andy Griffiths for some reason. I got Oliver’s autograph though!


Photos by my dad

Road Safety with Constable Chrystal

Today Constable Chrystal came to talk about a pressing issue. Road safety. It seems that us Epping Heights students and parents are not being careful enough around roads! So Constable Chrystal came to tell us where to cross the road and more importantly where not to cross the road. For example it is not safe to cross near two parked cars, bushes and anything that can obstruct your view of cars and the cars view of you. In fact it is not even safe for you to run across a pedestrian crossing when the light is blinking red and I bet you have done that before. We also found out that you are never too old to hold hands with your parents when you cross the road. We learned to follow the LLT(Look Listen Think) rule before we cross the road. Next time I cross a road I will be more careful. How about you?

ANZAC Day Service

On the 27th of April, 2015, our school had a ANZAC day service to remember the courageous soldiers who had fought for our freedom. The Australian and New Zealand soldiers landed at a beach in Turkey called Gallipoli. They fought the Turkish soldiers but unfortunately, the terrain was hilly and rocky and the enemy was above them so the Turkish had an advantage over them. This year was the centenary year after the landing at Gallipoli so it was extra special.

The band played ‘Remember the Anzacs’ as an introduction to the sombre service. There were a few speeches and flowers were laid out to remember the soldiers who fought for our country. We had a moment of silence and the trumpet played The Last Post and Reveille. The service finished with the singing of the National Anthem.



Navini Island Is Paradise

A few months ago, in January, I visited Nadi, Fiji for the third time, and stayed at a beautiful resort called Navini which I have been to many times before. At the end of my trip I asked the owner of Navini, Simone, if I could write a review on Navini, and she happily agreed with my offer! My review was posted on the internet just today and hopefully loads of tourists will see it and instantly book a stay at Navini! Here is the link:

You will have to scroll down to get to my article and hope everyone reading this will like it!

I want to thank all the wonderful teachers at Epping Heights P.S. for being so inspirational. I will always remember Epping Heights, no matter what.