John Caindyer- Squireston Cup – Round 6

Today was round 6 of the John Cairndyer Squireston Cup. It was
Cheetahs vs Wanderers in Socccer. Wanderers won 9-2, Swans vs Bears in T-Ball and Bears won 37 – 33, Indestructibles vs Crimson Tide in TagFooty and Indestructibles won 3 – 1 and finally Infernos vs Thunder in Newcombe Ball and Thunder won 2 – 0.

I was in Thunder and we won. We won the first 2 games but didn’t finish the 3rd round. In the 3rd round, we had 2 balls and it was chaos but fun!

by Caroline


Road Safety with Constable Chrystal

Today Constable Chrystal came to talk about a pressing issue. Road safety. It seems that us Epping Heights students and parents are not being careful enough around roads! So Constable Chrystal came to tell us where to cross the road and more importantly where not to cross the road. For example it is not safe to cross near two parked cars, bushes and anything that can obstruct your view of cars and the cars view of you. In fact it is not even safe for you to run across a pedestrian crossing when the light is blinking red and I bet you have done that before. We also found out that you are never too old to hold hands with your parents when you cross the road. We learned to follow the LLT(Look Listen Think) rule before we cross the road. Next time I cross a road I will be more careful. How about you?

Cross Country

Today was the cross country. Years 2, 3 and 4 ran 2 kilometres. Years 5 and 6 ran 3 kilometres. Everyone was separated into groups of girls and boys to compete against each other. Students wore different coloured clothes to show support for their sport house. Although it was very tiring, all of Year 6 found the energy and endurance they needed to finish the race. For our year group, Sarah came first, Rowan came second and Anna came third. Congratulations to these fast runners and well done to everyone who did the cross country.


This Friday, Thunder and The Swans had a thrilling game of newcombe ball. Thunder took the win by 2 games. Each of the games contained 21 points. The aim of the game is to throw the ball over a high net and try to make the other team fumble or drop the ball. When the ball comes over to your side your team needs to catch the ball before it drops on the ground. Every time the opposition drops the ball your team gains a point. For this game best and fairest went to Monique and Jake.

John Cairndyer-Squireton cup Round 4

Today we Played the 4th round of our tournament. Here are some scores to keep you up to date. Our first match was the Cheetahs Vs Crimson Tide in soccer. In the end the score was a 2-2 draw. Best and fairest went to Kaito and Sameer. Next we have the Swans Vs Thunder in newcombe ball. Thunder beat them after winning 21-10 twice. Best and fairest went to Monique and Jake. After that we had the Wanderers Vs the Indestructables in Tag Footy. The end score was 5-2 to the Wanderers, 4/5 tries scored by Charlie for the Wanderers. Best and fairest goes to Charlie and Hana. In our last game we had the Bears Vs the Infernos in T-ball. After a long, long game the infernos won 32-11.Best and fairest to Denny. Now the scoreboard. The Wanderers are leading the way in 1st place. Crimson Tide have moved down a place and are now in 3rd. Thunder have moved up a place and are now in 5th. Lastly the Bears are coming in last place.

Thats this weeks John Cairndyer-Squireton Cup.

Thanks 🙂

Year 6 Tennis match

Today on wednesday our school played Epping west in tennis. Hugo and Matthew won their doubles 6-1. Beth and Emma lost their doubles 6-4. Matthew lost his singles 6-2 and Hugo won his singles 6-1. Beth won her singles 6-0. Emma lost her singles 6-0. Matthew and Emma lost their singles 6-1 and Hugo and Beth won their doubles 6-0. In the end the overall game score was 31-26 to Epping Heights. So we are through to the next round!

Thanks. 🙂

John Cairndyer-Squireston Cup Round 3

Today year 6 played 2 different sports, teeball and tag footy. In teeball the Wanderers and Crimson Tide played each other. After running, hitting and catching for more than an hour the score was all tied up with 21-21 runs each.

In tag footy, the Thunder and the Bears played each other and in the end thunder won 5-3. Hugo scoring 4/5 tries for Thunder and Jayden scoring 2/3 tries for bears.

The end score for this week, the year 5 team “The Indestructibles” are coming 1st and second is Crimson Tide. 3rd place is the Wanderers, then Thunder is in 6th place and Bears are 7th. Best and fairest awards went to Hugo and Jacob. Thats this weeks John Cairndyer-Squireston Cup wrap.




Team Sports

Every Friday, Stage 3 takes part in a sport activity that includes all the teachers. We play at Cheltenham Oval or the Epping Heights oval. This Term we have been focusing on team sport. Year 5 and Year 6 have 8 teams all together. We verse each other and play different sports, soccer, newcombe ball, tag footie and T-ball. We play for at least 45 minutes and have a break every 25 minutes. Today the Year 6 teams, Thunder and Wanderers versed each other in a football game. Unfortunately Thunder lost by one point, the score ended at 3-4. Daniel E scored a hatrick and Brian scored a goal. While for the Wanderers Issac scored 2 and Jake scored 1. At the end of the sports activity, we announce the best and fairest people in each team. Daniel E got 3 points, Hana got 2 and Jake got 1.

Wanderers vs Thunder playing Soccer at Cheltenham Oval
Wanderers vs Thunder playing Soccer at Cheltenham Oval

On the other side of Cheltenham Oval the two teams, Crimson Tide and The Bears played against each other in a game of Tag Footie. Unfortunately most of The Bears’ players were sick or had gone on an excursion with the the South Korean students that are visiting the school. It was 6 people against 10 so 4 people had to be reserves. It was a tough game because none of The Bears got a break. At the end of the game the score was: 7-3. The Crimson Tide had won by 4 tries, still a non-losing team. Ashish (Crimson Tied) scored 3 tries, Kaito got 3 tries and Jonty got 1. In The Bears Anna scored 1, Emily scored 1 and Tom scored 1. It was a fun but tough game.


The ladder after 2 rounds
The ladder after 2 rounds