Minions Movie Review

The Minions now working with Gru.
The announcement of the Minions movie with Kevin(middle) Bob (on right) and Stuart (left with the guitar)

This movie is funny and is the prequel of the Despicable Me movies. The minions wanted to find a boss to work for but had no luck. Three minions, Bob, Kevin and Stuart left the other minions in search for someone to work with. I would give this movie a 9/10 because it explains what happened before the Despicable Me movies and is funny too.


Vivid 2015 Sydney

May 22 to June 18 is the Vivid light show in the city. My family and I went and it was amazing! There were lights everywhere! The buildings had lights going on and off, there was a water- laser show with loads of lights shining through water with fireworks and firecrackers exploding, it looks amazing with all the colours. With the art that we’re doing, I strongly suggest visiting it.









Navini Island Is Paradise

A few months ago, in January, I visited Nadi, Fiji for the third time, and stayed at a beautiful resort called Navini which I have been to many times before. At the end of my trip I asked the owner of Navini, Simone, if I could write a review on Navini, and she happily agreed with my offer! My review was posted on the internet just today and hopefully loads of tourists will see it and instantly book a stay at Navini! Here is the link:

You will have to scroll down to get to my article and hope everyone reading this will like it!

I want to thank all the wonderful teachers at Epping Heights P.S. for being so inspirational. I will always remember Epping Heights, no matter what.


11 Reasons Why You Should Read The Eleventh Hour By Graeme Base


A book is read, a story ends, a  telling tale is told.

But who can say what mysteries a single page may hold?

A maze of hidden codes and clues, a clock at every turn,

And only time will tell what other secrets you may learn…

Graeme Base-The Eleventh Hour


Have you ever read the book: The Eleventh Hour by Graeme Base? Well, if you haven’t-you definitely should. Especially if you are interested in codes and mysteries…

The main summary of the story is that a young calf (Horace, The Elephant) of eleven years is having a Fancy-Dress Party on the 11th of November. He has invited 10 animals; a zebra called Eric, a tiger called Max, a rhino called Thomas, a crocodile called Sam, a mouse called Kilroy, a swan, a cat, two twin giraffes and a pig. They play many party games and have lots of fun until they find that someone has stolen all the food for Horace’s banquet dinner!


My 1st reason for why you should read The Eleventh Hour is:

Anyone who likes solving mysteries along with some clues and puzzles to solve would absolutely love this book, it is filled to the brim with them!

My 2nd reason for why you should read The Eleventh Hour is:

The author, Graeme Base, uses poetry to write his books which is extremely hard, while also illustrated the whole book!

My 3rd reason for why you should read The Eleventh Hour is:

Graeme Base writes in a very humorous way which makes his readers want to read more, just like The Eleventh Hour.

My 4th reason for why you should read The Eleventh Hour is:

The plots of all his stories are strong and very smart because he uses only a picture book to carry you into the set scene of his story, especially in The Eleventh Hour.

My 5th reason for why you should read The Eleventh Hour is:

Graeme Base’s The Eleventh Hour seems as if it is meant for young children as it looks like a small picture book but – despite it being small – The Eleventh Hour has a lot of writing in it with words that only 5th-8th graders would know and anyway, once in a while picture books can be very fun to read!

My 6th reason for why you should read The Eleventh Hour is:

The Eleventh hour has beautiful illustrations filled with many different colours and shades so, those artists out there can stare at these amazing illustrations by Graeme Base!

My 7th reason for why you should read The Eleventh Hour is:

Graeme Base has very descriptive writing that sets you in the scene of the world of The Eleventh Hour!

My 8th reason for why you should read The Eleventh Hour is:

The book, The Eleventh Hour leaves you hanging, as if you’re the one to decide the ending of the story.

My 9th reason for why you should read The Eleventh Hour is:

After you read The Eleventh Hour you still have so much more to come, such as finding the codes, cracking them and then putting them all together!

My 10th reason for why you should read The Eleventh Hour is:

You get to know each character individually in a way that is humorous and fun.

My 11th reason and my last is:

The Eleventh Hour is one of the most historic picture book, filled with everything you could possibly want.


Those are my eleven reasons why you should read The Eleventh Hour by Graeme Base!!


Paper Planes Review

Out of 10, I would probably rate the movie Paper Planes a: 9.5. What a wonderful encouragement to start the year, an Australia film filled with friendship, hope and dreams!

Paper Planes has an enchanting cast with some well known actors and actresses like Ed Oxenbould- main character (starred as the main character of Alexander and the terrible, no good, very bad day), Deborah Mailmen -(starred in The Sapphires and the show Offspring) & Sam Worthington – Dad (starred as the main character in Avatar), plus many more!

I think it was a really authentic experience, sharing the ‘outback’ lifestyle with the world. The films revolves around a boy called Dylan, who has a dream, to fly a paper airplane. Well not at first. A month before all his success, sadly an accident occurred to Dylan’s mum, leaving his dad dreading each day as the weeks passed with her absence.

Dylan, though, led his own life and gained independence throughout his journey, like standing up for the good, fighting the bad and caring about others before himself.

Overall, Paper planes was and still is, an inspiring story about friendship and dreams, includes a fantastic cast role and a delicious story line. Hopefully you can enjoy the experience to!

By Karishma