GRIP Leadership Conference

Today the leadership team (captains, vice-captains, prefects and houses captains) went to the GRIP leadership conference in Homebush. We learned about how to become better leaders using the stand up principles.

We played ‘Scissors Paper Rock, against the MC. These was actions to use when we go back to school. ‘Paper’ means to make a plan. ‘Scissors’ means take actions and ‘Rock’ means to stay strong.

The stand up principles are:

1. Stand up when there is an opportunity                                                                                                                                          2. Stand up for what’s right.                                                                                                                                                                  3. Stand up for others.                                                                                                                                                                             4. Stand up for yourself.

For the 2nd principle, we had one person from each school out the front. There was some true and some false facts, the people chose whether it was right or wrong. It was so that at school we could decide whether actions were right or wrong and help other people. After this, we had recess for 25 minutes. We just sat down and ate. Then we went back inside for session 2.

When we came inside, we opened our booklets and answered ‘What did you learn in Session 1?’ This session was about ‘Paying it Forward’. This was about being genorous to everybody in different ways. THese were called the 3T’s.

1.Time – giving our time to help people.

2. Treasure – giving what we have

3. Talent – using our skills to help.

Some people did a role play to teach about being genourous. The story line was, a man had travelled a long way without food. We went to different houses but they didn’t have any food for him. Then a pizza maker appeared they made food for him. After this, we had a ‘Loud Noises’ competition. We played charades againts the other half. This was really fun because we acted out words with 1000 other people. We had luch. After luch we had a disco when people danced and we all copied.

Overall we all had so much fun and we learned a lot aboutn leadership and what to do when we get back to school.